Jenn Spain Photography: Blog en-us (C) Jenn Spain Photography [email protected] (Jenn Spain Photography) Fri, 12 May 2023 17:05:00 GMT Fri, 12 May 2023 17:05:00 GMT Jenn Spain Photography: Blog 120 80 Alex and Emily's Santa Barbara Mardi Gras Re-Wedding Spectacular! As I sit here and write these words I am trying to think of a more fun-loving, outgoing, offbeat and in-love couple than Alex and Emily and you know what?


These two cuties are so uniquely perfect for each other and absolutely brimming with enthusiasm for their life together. They mayyyyy have gotten married already. Ok, they totally did! They eloped on a boat (it was a whole romantic thing) but on this day they were ready to do the whole damn thing again. And on this day... they had all their amazing friends and family cheering them on.

Their wedding was sprinkled with touches of Mardi Gras, the ocean, The Mariners and golden yellow sunflower goodness. The historic and beautiful Santa Barbara Woman's Club was an absolutely lovely backdrop to this joyous day.

The cheeriest and brightest florals by Something's Blooming LA

A family friend of Emily's designed and made custom shoes for Emily and all her bridesmaids.

Alex's mother wrote a letter and gifted her daughter-in-law a beautiful family heirloom.

Hair and makeup by Liv Studios Inc

Emily's look was completed with the veil Alex made for her.

I love this photo so much, it so perfectly captures their playful spirits.

Emily wanted to re-create this childhood photo and I think we nailed it!

Ceremony time! Emily was all smiles and the flood of emotion that came over Alex's face when he saw her was spectacular.

The ceremony was officiated by each of their uncles, which brought such a personal and familial touch to this important commitment to one another.

Alex and Emily's handwritten vows showed just how deeply they know and appreciate each other.

Married and chilaxin' .

While the final touches were put on the reception hall, the guests enjoyed a gorgeous cocktail hour under the tree on the patio.

Emily is so happy she literally started levitating when she entered the room.

Emily's friend gifted the couple a beautiful performance on her Cyr wheel.

The featured ciders were provided by the brewery that Alex works at!

Did Alex dislocate his shoulder during this moment? Yes.

Did he get it popped back in place and then rejoin the dance floor? Also, yes.

Absolutely the most metal thing I've ever seen at a wedding.

Emily and Alex aren't cake people BUT THEY ARE CHURRO PEOPLE.

Look at these two! I couldn't adore them more. Congrats, Alex and Emily. I wish you many beautiful years ahead of you!






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Lisa and Matt at Malibou Lake. Last Saturday I kicked off a new season with my first wedding of the year and what a wedding it was! Lisa and Matt gathered their friends and family at one of my very favorite venues- The Lodge at Malibou Lake. In a week full of overcast days, this Saturday had the most perfect weather to usher this fantastic couple into their marriage.

Florals were all done by the talented Michelle from Something's Blooming and this entire of event was expertly planned and executed by one of LA's very best wedding planners, Events by Emily Kay

Lisa's "Something Borrowed" were a beautiful pair of pearl earrings from her Mother-In-Law, Mary Lou.

The open back on Lisa's dress was "Chef's Kiss".

Matt's suit had an amazing touch- his and Lisa's initials embroidered along with their wedding date!

Lisa's hair and makeup were done by the ever talented, Betsy DiFrancesca.

Lisa and Matt not only did a first look but they also recited their own personal and private vows to one another prior to the ceremony. I'm such a huge fan of the decision to keep your vows intimate.

Matt's sister, Maureen officiated a touching ceremony peppered with loving humor.

Welcome to your cocktail hour!

There's nothing quite like getting your arms around a long lost friend.

There are many things to love about The Lodge but the food that Chef Cordelia and her team serves up is at the top of the list!

The MARGA-REID-A and MATT-HATTAN were the signature cocktails of the evening.

The sister of the bride gave a heartfelt speech and the best man delivered the laughs!

The (very delicious) cake threatened to pull a Tower of Pisa but the newlyweds still pulled off a spectacular cutting.

At one point I heard a guest say "I knew Lisa was a sexy dancer but I had no idea Matt was such a sexy dancer too!" And its true. these two can cut a rug like no other!

The moment Lisa realized she never wanted the night to end.

They truly are the perfect match. Thank you forever to this amazing couple for trusting me with their wedding memories. 






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Leora and Mary Kate's Beautiful Beachside Wedding Last weekend hundreds of people turned up to celebrate the revolutionary wedding of Leora and Mary Kate. It's kind of hard to believe that in Southern California in 2022 a same sex wedding could still be considered revolutionary, but considering that it was the very first same sex wedding hosted by The Jonathan Beach Club in their nearly 100 year old history, it is indeed very revolutionary and very, very badass.

Leora and Mary Kate are beautifully paired- their individual energies both matching and balancing each other all at once. Quick to laugh, easy going and very much in love... they go together like peanut butter and jelly, baby. They also did one of my very favorite things that a couple can do on their wedding day. They got ready together!

Mary Kate's earrings were both her something borrowed and something blue.

Mary Kate and Leora's mothers were both there for the entire getting ready process. They looked on with such adoration and awe of their daughters. The love and support that the bride's beautiful families showed them was absolutely palpable.


There was some bad weather earlier in the morning which we knew was going to force the ceremony indoors but the skies showed off for us during their bridal portraits.

They exchanged handwritten vows that had their guests laughing through tears- truly the best wedding emotion.


Well done, you wonderful women.

T I M E   T O   P A R T Y

One of their very first dates involved dancing and their wedding wasn't going to be any different. These two didn't just cut rugs. They shredded them.

One of my fave shots of the reception. Mary Kate plopped herself in Leora's lap and Leora just started glowing. That's some true love right there.

Time to hora! Leora has the face of a woman who knows she's about to get traumatized.

A little TLC is necessary after a near-death experience!

This day was so, so spectacular and I'm so damn glad I got to be a part of it.

Congratulations, Leora and Mary Kate. 



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Sarah and Paul's Iowa Winery Wedding To say I was excited when Sarah asked me if I was available to shoot her wedding is an understatement. I've been shooting her beautiful face for years and she's allllll over my website. We know how to make magic together. She'd also been filling me in on her romance with Paul since it's inception and I was beyond excited to get him in front of my lens as well. On top of all that, their wedding was in another state which means I would get to travel (my favorite) and shoot somewhere new (my other favorite). They held their wedding at the gorgeous Harpors Vineyard, a venue that is both absolutely stunning and employs perhaps the nicest staff I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

I am so thrilled to share this special sneak peek of Sarah and Paul's magical day.

Wedding Rings are from Berlinger Jewelry and MCG Jewelry

Sarah's dress is from Martina Liana Bridal and Paul's suit is from The Grotto Menswear

Paul gifted his groomsmen engraved pocket watches that matched his own.

Best Man is the best at helping tie that tie.

While Paul got ready, Sarah spent an emotional few moments with some of the most important women in her life. They all held hands while speaking words of encouragement, lifting Sarah up as she prepared to enter into a lifetime partnership.

A true friend will catch your tears before they ruin the beautiful makeup done by Afterglow Pro Studio

I just love it when couple's finally get to be together on their wedding day. As soon as Sarah and Paul were reunited, everything made sense... everything fell into place. They are exquisitely matched and very, very much in love.

Videographer Anna Lam and I marveled at the light we had for these pictures. Looking back, I'm still so struck by it's perfect glow.

This cutie was absolutely besotted with the bouquets done by Budding Optimist and of course, wanted his picture taken with them!

The ceremony was officiated by Sarah's middle school principal, Wanda Holland-Greene.

After sealing their marriage with a kiss, Sarah and Paul blended Jewish and Black customs by jumping the broom and then simultaneously breaking glass together. SO. MUCH. JOY.

The reception space was so perfectly elegant.

A marriage blessed by a magic moon.

I can't get over how beautiful this venue is.

These two brought such AMAZING energy into their reception and their guests were so happy to respond in kind.

Their first dance was to Kissing You by Des'ree... one of the most beautiful love songs of all time.


Shout out to DJ Clife keeping both the evening and the music flowing!!!

The end of the evening brought one of my favorite sparkler exits to date! There is something so thrilling about being seeing a couple surrounded by their loved ones as little, handheld fireworks are raised in support of their love. 

What a beautiful, magical day. I'm so incredibly grateful that I got to be a part of it. Thank you, Sarah and Paul. May you treasure these pictures for the rest of your lives!







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Caroline and Patrick's Malibu Wedding  

Last weekend I headed up to the beautiful Calamigos Ranch in Malibu to photograph Caroline and Patrick's wedding. It was about 10 million degrees out but Caroline was so chic and effortlessly cool and Patrick was so wonderfully good natured- they absolutely lived up to their hashtag... #TheMcChillens 

These two roll with the punches and throughout the day they were focused on the only thing that mattered, each other.

All of the details were classically modern. Perfectly timeless. 

I love finding sneaky ways to frame my brides as they get ready. 

I've been dying to do a first look on a staircase. When I found this one in their hotel I just knew it would be perfect.

Caroline was calm and collected but seeing your future husband for the first time on your wedding day is like nothing else. My heart went pitter pat as some of her emotions bubbled over.

Chic AF.

Calamigos was giving us allllll the dappled light. 

This shot of Patrick watching his bride get her photo taken is so swoon worthy. That's some serious love right there.

Caroline told her bridesmaids and officiant choose whatever dress they wanted to wear. They all looked absolutely incredible but that wasn't important to her, she just wanted them by her side.

Patrick's friends absolutely cheered for him when he walked down the aisle. It was an unexpectedly beautiful and joyous moment.

Happy tears were a bit of a theme. 

They do!

I absolutely adored the vases and colors of this wedding. Again, the perfect blend of classic and modern.

Find your person and hold on tight.

I'm so glad you found each other, McChillens. May your marriage be blessed with many years of love, easy laughter and giving zero f's about the small stuff.

Planning by Events by Emily Kay

Venue Calamigos Ranch

Hair and Makeup by Emily Lynn and Company

Florals by Leta Verbena

Music by On the Beat


[email protected] (Jenn Spain Photography) Calamigos Ranch Documentary Photographer Events by Emily Kay Jenn Spain Jenn Spain Photography Leta Verbena Lifestyle Photographer Los Angeles Photographer On the Beat Wedding Band pro-tip reception Wedding Florals wedding inspo wedding photographer Sat, 20 Aug 2022 07:10:00 GMT
Morgan and Gabe's Skirball Spectacular Morgan and Gabe are an incredibly matched couple. They are also some of the most effervescent, crazy-in-love, dance maniacs that I've ever had the pleasure of photographing. Their whole wedding vibe was one of my faves- romantic, colorful and joyous leading into an absolute PARTY when the sun went down. 

Morgan's dress was breathtaking. Champagne with stunning lace detail and crystal embellishments.

Morgan wanted just one, perfect ring rather than two separate engagement and wedding bands. Gabe proposed with a gorgeous diamond and together they designed this beautiful piece.

On her way to bridal portraits.

I loved this first look. I was able to shoot this one from a distance so they had a few genuinely quiet moments together before the wedding.

Gabe surprised Morgan with a pre-ceremony letter. Morgan then played the classic game of "Trying Not To Cry And Mess Up Your Wedding Makeup".

Morgan's closest friends showed their support by dressing in her wedding color palette.

The wedding was officiated by Gabe's very best friend, Raja.

His vows made her cry, her vows mad him laugh. The ultimate combination.

The light following the ceremony was impossibly perfect and their post-ceremony glow matched it.

The reception began with a heartfelt thank you from the bride and groom followed by some hilarious and touching speeches from their families.

Covid kept some important members of Gabe's family from attending but WE STILL GOT THEM A PICTURE TOGETHER!

They opted to do a combined mother/son, father/daughter dance which I LOVED. It felt like such a joyous way to join the families.

Look at this absolutely gorgeous venue! 

The Horah! Thrilling and terrifying newlyweds for nearly 100 years! Also, check out Morgan's festive party dress!


Morgan and Gabe are not cake people so they opted for ice cream! These late night cones were a hit with their guests. 

J U S T  M A R R I E D.

Special thanks to the Dream Team of Vendors:


Planning- Events by Emily Kay

Photography- Jenn Spain Photography

Venue- Skirball Cultural Center

Rentals- Provenance Rentals

Hair and Makeup- La Rouge Artistry

Florals- Leta Verbena

DJ- DJ Mac

Lighting- Coastal Event Lighting and Production


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Orinna and Thomas' Malibou Lake Wedding On a week that was others cool and gray, Orinna and Thomas' wedding day was gorgeous and sunny. The near perfect temperatures at a venue filled with lush greenery and the scent of jasmine wafting through the air absolutely added to the romantic excitement of the day. Thomas and Orinna are so well matched- Orinna is sweet and considerate, Thomas is hilarious and kind and together they are playful, energetic and very much in love.

I'm a sucker for details and these one's just took my breath away.

Ever the clown, ever the gentleman.

Orinna's dress was PERFECT. Elegant and timeless with it's gorgeous train but lightweight and modern in it's cut.

I was thrilled to find out that Orinna is a fellow fragrance enthusiast. I think there is something so romantic about choosing a signature scent for your wedding. Anytime you smell that scent going forward you'll be instantly taken back to one of the most incredible days of your life. Orinna's niche fragrance was so lovely and layered so wonderfully with the gorgeous gardens surrounding the venue.

True love in the jasmine.

Rebel and Rogue  knocked it out of the park with this gorgeous bouquet.

La Rouge Artistry coming in with Orinna's gorgeous wedding-day look.

Everyone looks so effortlessly cool that you'd never guess that one of the groomsman split his pants right before I shot this. Which one? My lips are sealed... unlike his pants.

Handwritten vows are my favorite. The way that magical light followed Orinna around all day is my other favorite.

First kiss beneath the tall trees.

More kissing. These two REALLY like each other.

Huge shoutout to Events by Emily Kay for all the planning and executing such a gorgeous reception space.

The speeches delivered by Jacob and Max, the co-Best Men were some of the best I've heard  I've heard and Katelyn's Maid-of-Honor speech was so touching.

Besties. <3

Three different flavors on this bad boy. That is the correct number of flavors. Thank you, Skiffs Cakes

Second Song brought the music and those  sweet up-lights.

The Lodge at Malibou Lake is such a wonderful, historic venue. I am so happy to return here once again.


Huge thanks to Orinna and Thomas for trusting me with their most special and spectacular day. I wish you a lifetime of joy and partnership.


P.S. It was one of the Best Men.






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Rose and Mat's Theatricum Wedding One of the last days of February brought me back up through the winding canyons to Will Geer's Theatricum Botanicum in gorgeous Topanga.

This time it was for the long awaited (and postponed) wedding of Mat and Rose. This couple is so wonderfully unique and the Theatricum was the absolute perfect venue for them.

I arrived a few minutes before Rose did. When she walked up, she and Mat laid eyes on one another and immediately flew into each other's arms.

"Oh yes", I thought. "It's gonna be a great day".

Rose and Mat's style is *chef's kiss*. Both their wedding shoes came from my all time favorite brand and the rose gold rings and rose themed jewelry were both stunning and on the nose. Rose's rings came from the ever-spectacular Alexis Russell.

Mat wore a vintage Gucci watch that belonged to his late father.

Rose's beautiful mama helped her put on her dress and choose her "something borrowed" from her grandmother's jewelry collection.

The beautiful belt did not make it all the way to the ceremony but hot damn did it look good while it lasted.

T'was quite cold in the canyon so Rose's red wrap was the perfect companion to her dress.

I'm a big fan of couples who get ready together. My husband and I did it too! I just love the thought of being an unseparated team throughout the whole day. Side by side, start to finish. 

Taking a moment to take in the venue.

One of things that stuck me the most about Rose and Mat is just how at ease they are with each other. To them, being partners is as natural as taking a breath.

Guests were starting to arrive so Rose changed into her reception dress. True to this couple's unique spirits, they decided to to dinner speeches before the ceremony.

Rose's sister in law did her makeup while little Hudson serenaded them both. I heard this sweet girl say "I love you, Rosie"  no less than 100 times that day.

Rose spent the last couple of years collecting bottles and drying flowers to decorate the reception space with. 

The center pieces were made of books and tchotchkes form the couple's apartment.

Mat is a huge puddle lover and the guests were given a fun one to fill out. This puzzle will become important later in the evening.


After dinner and speeches, guests began gathering in the theatre where some friends of the couple provided some very entertaining entertainment.

And then... it was showtime.

Rarely, if ever do i say these words but... the rabbi killed it. Rabbi Arthur Rosenberg was warm, engaging and SO FUNNY. He was the perfect officiant!

Rose and Mat joyfully partook in many of the traditional parts of Jewish wedding ceremony. They also wrote their own vows which were heartfelt and beautiful.

Their chuppah was held up by some of the most important people in their lives. Others were onstage nearby in a show of beautiful support.


Rose and Mat told me that there was going to be a "cake show" which turned out to be short for an "Interactive Audience Musical Performance Art That Ends In Cake".

It was glorious.

After cake, it was time to dance!

The surf rock Hava Nagila was perfect for this raucous hora!

This wedding was truly one for the books.

Thank you Mat and Rose for such a spectacular, theatrical and love filled evening.







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Lizzy and Cameron Get a Food Truck! (And Also Pledge Their Eternal Love and Devotion) The 2022 Wedding Season kicked off with the sweet nuptials of Lizzy and Cameron. This perfectly matched pair was originally supposed to have wed in 2020 but we all know how that worked out! A couple years and several reschedules later, their moment finally came! Here is a little sneak peek of their wonderful day.

The perfect time to write your vows is the exact moment you do it.

A loving squeeze between Lizzy and her dear family friend (and florist extraordinaire) Elizabeth.

Lizzy and her mom Mary, shared such tender moments as Lizzy put on the dress that both Mary and Mary's mother wore when they got married. 

Stepping into wedding shoes requires support.

Lizzy was escorted down the aisle by her parents. Cameron's tear ducts didn't stand a chance.

I just love when couples request this shot!

Lizzy is giving me major Lucille Ball vibes.

I love a good venue glamour shot.

These two had been saving this bottle for years. The cork may or may not but absolutely, definitely ended up inside the bottle.

Heaping plates of the best tacos ever from Kogi Truck. See, I TOLD you they got a food truck!!!

Congratulations, Cameron and Lizzy! I'm so glad that you finally got to say "I Do"!

You may want to consider rescheduling your anniversary every few years in honor of all that it took to get you here.



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MacKenna, Tasha and the Disco Witch Wedding of the Century. When I first met MacKenna and Tasha over Zoom, MacKenna described their upcoming wedding as a "Disco Witch Dance Party".

"Oh wow!" I replied. "I love that. That sounds amazing."

But in my head I was saying, "Holy shit. Please choose me, please choose me, PLEASE CHOOSE ME!!!"

And they did.

And I'm SO glad. Their wedding was spectacular. One of those weddings that I can just sink my creative teeth into and take a big, juicy bite.

Come take a peek.

These babes served up some pretty fan-fricken-tastic wedding lewks. Pink velvet suit? Yes please. Two-piece wedding dress? Yassssss please.

Their venue was the ever-fantastic Fig House in Highland Park. This hidden gem was the perfect backdrop for their colorful union.

Hair and Makeup by Elwynn and Cass

Chuppa, boutonierre and bouquet by Lindsey White Studio

The ceremony, held on their seventh anniversary on the night of a full moon, consisted of handwritten vows and Jewish and Pagan customs all beautifully woven together.

Ceremony officiated by Reverend Mercy Ceremonies

Sacred Hand Fasting and tying of the night.

Sealed with a kiss.

Breaking of the glass.

This is one of my favorite shots to capture at a wedding. Freshly married, with all the love and support from their family and friends just beaming back at them.

The reception was an absolute feast for the eyes. MacKenna had a VISION and it was spectacularly executed by Romance and Revelry

Can you picture a reception that is colorful, sensual, witchy and laced with disco? 

Say no more. I'll show you.

These two promised a dance party and they delivered a dance party.

I'm pretty sure that an unwritten wedding rule is that your nephew/flower boy will have the most fun of anyone!

Guest's cut their sweet-teeth on some delicious Sidecar Doughnuts and the brides ceremoniously cut a doughnut to feed each other.

This stunning witchy wedding was one hell of a way to close the curtain on 2021. Thanks for choosing me, Mac and Tash. Truly.


[email protected] (Jenn Spain Photography) Couples Session Documentary Photographer fig house Jenn Spain Jenn Spain Photography lesbian wedding Lifestyle Photographer Los Angeles Photographer pro-tip rainbow reception Wedding Florals wedding inspo wedding photographer witch wedding Wed, 22 Dec 2021 05:06:37 GMT
Lindsay and Hunter's Mountain Elopement I can't think of anything more romantic than eloping to the mountains. While this may have been Hunter and Lindsay's third (or maybe fourth?) plan due to Covid, it ended up being absolutely perfect. Two people, more in love than they've ever been, standing under the big trees and professing their undying love for one another?

Yes please.

The winding drive up to Big Bear was breathtaking. I've always been a big fan of long drives. I love having the windows down and my music loud, a warm coffee to keep me company.  It was a perfect October day and the way the light was hitting the mountains... I just knew I was in for a magical afternoon.

Current events kept the guest list small. Everything was DIY, but that is to be expected when the bride is as talented of an artist as Lindsay is. 

As predicted, Lindsay's dress was stunning and it beautifully captured her esthetic. 


The ceremony took place on the deck of the beautiful A-Frame cabin they rented. It was so intimate and the light filtering through the golden leaves gave everything a warm, amber glow.

Better find that ring, Best Man!




[email protected] (Jenn Spain Photography) Wed, 22 Dec 2021 00:45:53 GMT
Cody and Jimmy's West Coast Wedding Like so many couples, 2020 prevented Cody and Jimmy from having the exact wedding they envisioned. But it couldn't stop their love and it couldn't stop them from committing their lives to one another. These two adapted, figured out a new plan and said "I Do!"

Cody had a number of "something borrowed" including this gorgeous, delicate ring.

Cody and Jimmy love saying that they'll love each other "even when they're ghosts". Cody got Jimmy this beautiful pocket watch as a nod to their favorite saying.

Cody and Jimmy's adorable dogs were their flower girls and were dressed to the nines! Audrey and Leela were quite the showstoppers.

The lovebirds chose to a "First Look" and the look on Jimmy's face while he waits for his bride is priceless.

Time to make this family official!

McGrath Ranch and Gardens was the perfect venue. The light and the trees created an almost gothic southern look to the property.

I was more than obsessed with the moody light casting over Cody in the bridal suite. "Even When We're Ghosts" came to mind as I captured this image.

Not only did Cody's parents escort her down the aisle, they officiated over the wedding! I loved how involved their families were in the ceremony.

There was so much laughter and humor, not only were Jimmy and Cody connected but it was clear how connected they were to their families. It was really beautiful to see.


The other thing that took my breath away was the way the early evening light danced around Cody through out the entire ceremony. She truly looked magical as vows were exchanged.

They did it!

After the ceremony we hurried back to the beach so we could play in the perfect sunset. The rich hues and sparkling water was the perfect backdrop for their first photoshoot as husband and wife!

Even when they're ghosts.... 


Meet the team!

Planning: Events By Emily Kay

Video: Joshua Sallach Creative

Venue: McGrath Ranch and Garden

HMUA: La Rouge Artistry

DJ: Red Shoe LA

Bouquet: Lori's Flowers

Rentals: Amigo Party Rentals

Cake: Sugar Labe Bake Shop

[email protected] (Jenn Spain Photography) Couples Session Documentary Photographer Elopement Jenn Spain Jenn Spain Photography Los Angeles Photographer pro-tip Wedding Florals wedding inspo wedding photographer Sat, 17 Oct 2020 14:12:27 GMT
Sunrise Elopement in Outer Space Like pretty much everybody who planned to get married in 2020, Katie and Jeremy had their wedding plans foiled by the pandemic. While they're big wedding has been rescheduled for 2021, they didn't want to reschedule the important part... the marriage. So these two Space Nerds grabbed a few of their masked nearest and dearests and opted to elope at one of the most infamous sci-f shooting locations.

Vasquez Rocks.

Katie and Jeremy opted for a sunrise ceremony and I'm so glad they did. The ever changing, gorgeous sky and these ancient rock formations were the perfect backdrop for this galactic affair.

This ceremony had no exchange of rings as Katie and Jeremy had already been wearing theirs for awhile. Instead, they did a "flashing of the rings"!

After the brief, heartfelt ceremony... we were off for some fun! In the pandemic, wedding photos look a lot different than they used to. But even with masks on, photos can still be absolutely epic.

Can you spot the Jedis that made a guest appearance?

After we had gotten some gorgeous shots of them in their wedding jumpsuits, they changed into some costumes! We couldn't pass up the chance to recreate some famous Star Trek moments.

Thanks for taking me to outer space with you, Katie and Jeremy. May your love burn as bright as the stars.

[email protected] (Jenn Spain Photography) Couples Session Covid Wedding Documentary Photographer Elopement Jenn Spain Jenn Spain Photography Los Angeles Photographer Masked wedding ceremony NASA Outer space wedding pro-tip Social distancing Space themed wedding Star Trek wedding inspo wedding photographer Thu, 27 Aug 2020 22:08:01 GMT
Unstoppable: Love in the Time of Covid 20-freaking-20.... I don't even need to sum it up. We've all felt and witnessed how incredibly challenging, painful and personal this year has been to us all. Everyday brings us new heartbreaking events and new waves of emotion as we all try to process what's been happening. Yet, nestled in all of this pain and discomfort, there are still moments of profound beauty and wonderful joy and I would love to shine a light on one of those moments. So many beautiful couples have had their wedding plans interrupted but one of my amazing couples realized that even though their plans for a huge spring wedding wasn't going to happen, a wedding was not the same thing as a marriage. And they could still ABSOLUTELY have that. Meghann and Mark selected their wedding date because it was their 5th anniversary. Their wedding was canceled but their marriage could still happen. Covid be damned!

No gatherings of larger than five people and they must maintain a distance of six feet. No problem. Come take a peek at how these beautiful humans worked with what they were given!

Meghann and Mark were fortunate enough to have some friends who own a parcel of land in Malibu with some sweeping views. Their friends cleared the brush away from the ceremony space the week before and then remained in the safety of the house from an observable distance. I came armed with my long distance lenses and a facemark. Their two witnesses kept a healthy distance and their officiant and family joined them from the safest possible way- via Zoom!

Was it what they planned on? Of course not! Was it still magical? HELL YES.

Meghann's waterworks started immediately. There is something so incredible and affirming about exchanging vows with the one you love the most. Her gratitude and reverence in the moment was so touching.

Excuse me, you two. That is not socially distanced!!!

Sweet Meghann literally danced for joy after they said I Do. I've never seen a happier bride.

After they were wed, we headed back to their apartment for a reception for two- plus all their friends and family joining in on Zoom!

Meghann and Mark's apartment complex is like something out of a sitcom. Everyone knows and loves each other and their darling neighbors came out to offer a cheers from a distance!

These two went ALL OUT on the decorations in their apartment. I was so damn impressed at how they put out for themselves. 

While they're loved ones tuned in on Zoom, the newlyweds cut the cake and popped off a couple of confetti cannon!


Ultimately, a wedding and a marriage are two very different things. The world threw every obstacle in the book at these two and they handled it in stride and with the most amazing sense of humor. And if they can find love and joy in the time of Covid, they can do anything together.


[email protected] (Jenn Spain Photography) covid wedding Documentary Photographer Jenn Spain Jenn Spain Photography Los Angeles Photographer pro-tip reception socially distanced wedding wedding cake Wedding Florals wedding inspo wedding photographer Wed, 08 Jul 2020 21:33:41 GMT
FaceTime Sessions: The ultimate long-distance photoshoot. What a WILD month we have had. It is now March 44th (I think... I'm really not sure) and Los Angeles' Stay At Home orders have been extended until mid-May at least. I have cycled thru all of the stages of grief MULTIPLE TIMES during this ordeal. There are days when I'm totally at peace and baking in the kitchen and everything feels....kinda nice.

And then.... well, you know.


As a small business owner, this is just about the worst case scenario. Overnight my income dried up. And I know I'm not alone. Everyone's lives have been turned upside-down. And when you're creative outlet and your source of income are one and the same? This shit is DEPRESSING.

But there were only so many days of sadness and boredom that I could handle. I moped and cried and let the existential dread wash over me and then... I got creative. I knew I didn't want all this time to pass without shooting or adding to my portfolio but I needed to find a way to do it without actually coming into contact with anyone. 

Thank god for technology!

FaceTime sessions have been the answer to all my prayers. I'm creating again, interacting with amazing people and bringing a welcome distraction to my client's lives during this difficult time. These sessions are incredibly freeing and perfectly imperfect. Unlike my typical sessions, the images I produce aren't high-res. They have a vintage, almost film-like appearance to them. My clients don't have fret about hair and makeup because those details aren't as apparent in the final images. They have texture, grit and fully embrace this abnormal world we're all just surviving in.

FaceTime Photo

FaceTime Photo FaceTime Photo

I know they've already been rolling around in your head so let's just get right into it, shall we?




How does this work, exactly?

I call you on FaceTime from my computer and you answer on your phone. First you'll give a little tour of your space so I can determine the best location for lighting and then we'll get down to business! I have my clients bring a clean coffee cup to serve as a tripod and I tell you where and how to set up the phone. Then I direct you on where to go and what to do. Using FaceTime's live capture I can actually take photos using your phone that are then saved to my computer. These sessions are short, they take only about 20 minutes.


I'm an Android user... can I still do this?

Yes! For Android users I use Zoom to do your session. However as we are using an application that isn't secure, you need to be comfortable with an outside 3rd party potentially having access to your photos.


FaceTime Photo FaceTime Photo

What kind of sessions are you offering over FaceTime!

All kinds! I think this method is particularly awesome for boudoir and portraits but it works amazing for family or engagement sessions too!


How much is a session?

$30 for 5 images.


WTF. Why so cheap?

These sessions are NOT meant to take the place of a regular "real" photography session. As I stated before, while these images are fun and beautiful, their low-resolution does not make them ideal for printing. They are meant to be viewed on a phone. If you were to decide to print them, I wouldn't print them much larger than wallet sized. Maybe a 2x3.


We're all in quarantine, dammit! Many of us have lost our jobs or have seen a drastic cut in hours and pay. Businesses have been shuttered and we're all trying to keep our heads above water. I priced these sessions based on the effort it takes me to create them and understanding that pretty much every human in our country is in need of something fun and affordable to distract them from *gestures wildly* all of this. One of my beautiful clients is in the third trimester of her pregnancy and had all but given up on the hope of having a maternity session done until she found out about my sessions. When the world goes back to normal, so will my sessions and my pricing. Until then, let's loosen up and have a little fun.

FaceTime Photo

FaceTime Photo

My iPhone is old and kinda sucks.... can I still do one of these sessions?

Absolutely! The older the iPhone, the more film-like and "grainy" your images will seem but personally, I like that.

FaceTime Photo FaceTime Photo












Oh yeah, I can also make some rad GIF's from these sessions!


Will these sessions be a permanent offering?

Nope. This is a temporary offering. As soon as the Stay At Home orders are lifted and we can resume normal business, these sessions will be going bye bye.


How do I book one?

Just get in touch. I have tons of availability and I'm pumped to do these. Plus, it's really nice to see a human face that isn't mine or my husbands. Though I do love his face.


So there you have it! FaceTime Sessions are the way to capture family memories and moments without having to leave the house! They're perfect!

Of course, if you have any follow up questions or want to book a session... you know how to find me.







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Ashley and Jon's Stunning Backyard Wedding When backyard weddings come to mind, people often think of low-key affairs and humble barbecues. Well, Ashley and Jon may have low-key attitudes and humble hearts but they also have absolutely AMAZING taste. These two put together one of the most gorgeous backyard weddings I've ever seen. With the help of their incredible friends and family, they executed a vision that I would expect from a high-end venue and experienced planner. Everything was so beautifully styled but the intimacy of their dear friend's home allowed them to focus on what was really important to them... each other and the people they love.

Ashley and Jon met where everyone meets these days... in a cozy, romantic corner of the internet. Jon is a musician and he artfully created the perfect playlist of music to guide the guests thru the emotions and moments of the day. Ashley is a talented actress who envisioned and created the stunning design of the wedding.

Ashley and Jon are far from traditional, so I made sure to have a little fun when shooting their rings.

Their ceremony was simple, loving and fully supported by their chosen family of friends. Their officiants, Melissa and Aaron, were the also the hosts of the wedding and married to each other. Ashley's bridesmaids were the most special women from different, important chapters of her life. Jon's groomsman are an extremely tight knit group of friends. So close that when I was gathering Jon and Ashley's families for formal portraits, the groomsmen inserted themselves into the large group family photo. I looked at my list of names and asked them if they were all in Jon's family. "Yes, we're family" they answered with complete sincerity. Moments later they looked around and realized why I was confused. "Ohhhhh, you meant like, 'blood related'. No, that's not us."

It was beyond charming.

"Meow meow meow, meow meow meow. MEOW."

Jon and Ashley knew what that meant. It's why they're perfect for each other.

Yasssss girl, that's your mans. Put a ring on it!

They do!

I couldn't get over Ashley's glamorous Old-Hollywood look. Once again, her talented and loving friend, Melissa, stepped in to assist. She executed Ashley's flawless look. 

Once the reception was underway the ceremony site transformed into its true and rightful purpose: CAKE STATION.

Like, the PERFECT cake station.

Congratulations, Ashley and Jon. I'm so grateful that you trusted me and my team to capture this gorgeous day that you created to celebrate your love. I wish you a lifetime of meows and happiness.


[email protected] (Jenn Spain Photography) Backyard Wedding Couples Session DIY DIY Wedding Documentary Photographer Jenn Jenn Spain Lifestyle Photographer Los Angeles Photographer Photography" pro-tip reception Spain wedding cake Wedding Florals wedding inspo wedding photographer Sun, 08 Mar 2020 03:57:24 GMT
Desert Queens and the Bride-To-Be A couple of weekends ago I drove out to Joshua Tree to spend some time taking gorgeous pictures of a bachelorette party. If you're gettin' married and wondering if you should have a photographer tag along.... DO IT!!!! What an incredible opportunity to celebrate the important women in your life. Women who came from all across the country to celebrate the magic that is YOU. Come take a peek and get a little inspiration for your own Hen-do.













Creating GIFs for my clients is one of my FAVORITE things to do. I just love the witchy vibe of this one.

The bride-to-be, Margot, is beautiful inside and out. It's easy to see why her ladies love her so.

Thanks, Joshua Tree. You were perfect. As always.

[email protected] (Jenn Spain Photography) Bachelorette Party Besties Bridesmaids Documentary Photographer Girls Weekend Hen-do Jenn Spain Jenn Spain Photography Ladies Night Lifestyle Photographer Los Angeles Photographer pro-tip wedding inspo wedding photographer Thu, 05 Mar 2020 20:32:12 GMT
Who Owns The Rights To My Photos? So you've hired a photographer to take pictures of your family/wedding/pet baby elephant. If you're as brilliant and amazing as I'm certain you are, you've also hired ME to take your pictures! You pay your photographer (me), you have your session and you get back tons of gorgeous photos (from me) that you'll treasure forever and want to share with the world. Buuuuut it might surprise you to know that you don't actually own those pictures.












It's true! In the United States copyright law states that the person who clicks the shutter owns the photo! Not the person who owns the camera and not the person who is in the photo.... just the photographer. Here is a beautiful rhyme I just made up to help you remember this law:

Whoever clicky, owns the picky.


Oh my god, I'm a friggen poet.

(Here is me. Owner of every picture I take. But I don't own this one! It belongs to this babe.)


BUT WAIT... I paid for them, shouldn't they be mine?

When you pay your photographer for your photos what you're actually doing is paying for the rights to use them personally. Personal use could mean any or all of the following: printing your photos, displaying them in your home, gifting copies of them to friends and family or sharing them on social media. I grant my clients all of those personal use rights very specifically in my contract! It's of a huge benefit to my business to have my work shared and I'm happy when my clients do so. But because I own the photos, my clients are not allowed to sell the images, enter them in contests, use them for advertising or give them to other companies to use in advertising without my permission. This is also detailed very specifically in my contracts.

(Is it starting to click?)

Are there exceptions to this rule? What if I WANT to own the copyright to my photos? How do I do that?

There are certainly exceptions to this rule! I have sold the copyright of photos to clients who wanted to own them exclusively. However, owning the copyright involves a different kind of contract and a much higher price tag. 












Ok, so what if I want to keep my images private?

That's ok too! This is a common request from my boudoir clients who don't want nakey pictures of them on the internet but there are allll sorts of reasons why a person may want to keep their images private. Perhaps they have a foster child and are legally not allowed to share pictures of that child. Maybe they have escaped an abusive partner and don't wish to be found. Whatever the reason, I'm not an a-hole and I respect my client's need for privacy. It takes zero effort for me to not be an a-hole. Don't be an a-hole. 


So in my contract with my wedding venue it states that my photographer is required to sign a contract with them granting them full rights to my photos so.....

Ok, HOLD UP. This is something that I have seen pop up as an issue more and more and I want to address it head-on. There have been a number of venues across the country that aren't allowing photographers to shoot on their property unless they grant them exclusive rights to the images. Now, private properties ARE allowed to determine who and who isn't allowed to take photographs at their venue. BUT, these venues are essentially committing Legal Blackmail and frankly, it sucks. As a photographer I have always allowed the venues I shoot at to share my imagery with proper photo credit. I've even let venues use my pictures in their own advertisements as long as I am credited in the ad! However, what some venues are trying to do is bypass the need for credit or payment by refusing entry to the property unless a photographer signs a contract granting exclusive rights to the images. Some venues have even gone as far as having the intended couple sign a contract that grants the venue the rights to the photos but legally the couple can't do that because why?




So, what if this is a venue that you are ABSOLUTELY in love with and you just have to get married there or you will just DIE??

Then go ahead! Get married there! Just be aware that there are many, many photographers (myself included) who will walk away from a wedding before signing away the rights to our work.

(Here I am, walking away. Taking NONE of that bullshit)


The point I'm trying to make is... talk to your photographer about what your expectations are for your photos. If you want to own the copyright, ask your photographer what that will cost! Also, make sure you READ your contracts. Not just with your photographer but with your venue and other vendors as well. Communication is crucial and will save you tons of hassle.

But most importantly, please remember what a brilliant poet I am.


Whoever clicky, owns the picky.





P.S. If you have a pet baby elephant I'm gonna need you to call me immediately.

[email protected] (Jenn Spain Photography) Copyright Law Documentary Photographer Jenn Spain Jenn Spain Photography Los Angeles Photographer pro-tip wedding photographer Who owns my photos Thu, 06 Feb 2020 21:54:48 GMT
Best Moments of 2019! Now that we're just one day away from the new Roaring 20's, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at my favorite moments of the last year. With just over 70 photoshoots and weddings, 2019 was the busiest year yet for Jenn Spain Photography! I can't thank all my incredible clients and followers enough. Making art for a living is one of my greatest joys in this life and I love sharing it with all of you. 

Now, come take a peek at some of my favorite captures of 2019!!!


Best Kiss

Before they got married I told Caleb I wanted to get a shot of them kissing in the aisle and when I gave my cue he swept up his new bride so perfectly. The slight dip, her hand behind his neck and the gorgeous colors of their florals... muah!


Best Expression

This cutie was so amped up during her at-home family session that she couldn't stop jumping and spinning. In an attempt to get her to look at the camera I asked her if she should see the butterfly in my lens. "Wait, I need to get my magmafime glass" she told me. She REALLY wanted to see that butterfly! Her squished nose, slight fog on the glass and those magnified baby blues just tickle me.


Best Newborn

I mean.... COME ON. Puppy breath, chubby belly and endless amounts of wrinkles? Stella was pure gold.


Best Artistic Leap

Every once and awhile I shoot an image that becomes an iconic one for me. This is the moment I realized that my boudoir studio had something incredibly special to offer to women. 


Best Skies

Getting out of LA and finding myself under Albuquerque's incredible sky scape absolutely nourished my artistic soul this past summer. Add in my drop-dead gorgeous bestie and you've got this piece of magic.


Best WTF

This was probably the happiest I've ever been on a photoshoot. I learned so much about the care and life of honeybees and I got to capture this amazing moment that a couple of bees just chilled on the finger of their beloved beekeeper.


Best Candid

My friend's grandmother taking her very first jello shot. Need I say more?


Best Poop

This tiny cutie abruptly ended her 3 month shoot by pooping directly into her fathers pocket! Keys and wallet be damned- when ya gotta go, ya gotta go! Thanks for the laugh, Nora!


Best Laughter Thru Tears

I admit I often get a little teary while I'm shooting weddings but this moment took the cake! Kris' vows took several starts as he kept finding himself overcome with tears and then doubling over in laughter at himself. His emotions were palpable and every guest (including myself) was crying and laughing as we shared in his struggle. With the encouragement of his amazing wife and officiant he made his way thru some of the most heartfelt vows I have ever heard. It was truly beautiful to witness.


Best Theme

We pulled out allllll the vintage styling for this Intimate Empowerment session and I am OBSESSED with the way it came out. Fully clothed with a sexy twist just might be my new favorite thing.


Best Mother/Daughter Moment

The look on sweet Kim's face as she barely keeps it together while her daughter's help their youngest sister get ready for her wedding just melts me. I shot 2 out of 3 of her daughter's weddings and this stunning family is such a joy to shoot!


Best Selfie

The photo that catapulted my little family into International Fame. We were picked up in dozens of publications around the world and we even made the front page of Reddit. I am enormously proud of our little zucchini baby. It was freaking delicious. 


Honestly, narrowing down these moments was incredibly hard work. Even as I type this I'm remembering 20 other photos that are also AMAZING. But that's always how it is, huh?


Happy New Year, babes. I love you all so damn much.



[email protected] (Jenn Spain Photography) 2019 Best Moments Best of 2019 Best Photos boudoir photographer Documentary Photographer Family Session Happy New Year Jenn Spain Jenn Spain Photography Lifestyle Photographer Los Angeles Photographer Wedding Florals wedding photographer Tue, 31 Dec 2019 18:19:58 GMT
A Grand Central Market Engagement Session! Two weekends ago I had the most wonderful engagement session with Eugene and Tess. We were supposed to have our session in the Arts District but of course the rain had other plans for us. When I suggested switching locations to Grand Central Market they jumped at the idea! Not only do Tess and Eugene consider themselves foodies but it's hard to think of a more iconic downtown LA location than the market! The market was as bustling and busy as it always is but the bright lights and vintage backgrounds made for the perfect spot to document their engagement.


This engagement ring just took my breath away! It's a sapphire that looks turquoise or even green in the right light. Tess is a huge lover of plants so it's pretty much the perfect stone for her.

Tess and Eugene met on Tinder! They chatted only briefly before meeting for a date and they've been by each other's side ever since. As luck would have it, they're both from the midwest which makes planning their Milwaukee wedding just a teensy bit easier!

I told Eugene and Tess to sit at the bar and order drinks (capturing my clients as naturally and comfortably as I can is ALWAYS my goal) and these sweet and generous should ordered me one too. Cheers!

I'm so happy that these two found each other, fell in love and hired me! This delicious session was definitely one for the books!


[email protected] (Jenn Spain Photography) Couples Session Documentary Photographer Engagement Photographer Engagement Session Foodies Grand Central Market Iconic Los Angeles Jenn Spain Jenn Spain Photography Lifestyle Photographer Los Angeles Photographer wedding photographer Mon, 16 Dec 2019 22:05:31 GMT
Downtown with the Valdez Family A couple of weeks ago I met the fabulous Valdez Family in the Downtown Arts District to snap some family portraits. The gorgeous murals and quiet buildings of the early morning makes for a perfect setting. I feel so inspired by the vibrant palettes provided by our city's amazing street artists and I'm in a constant state of gratitude for living in a part of the world that holds the creation of art in such esteem.

 And it sure doesn't hurt that this family is CUTE. AS. HECK.

These two are like watching a couple of puppies! Constantly playing and finding any excuse to tumble into each other.



[email protected] (Jenn Spain Photography) Arts District Brothers Downtown Arts District DTLA Fall Sessions Family Portrait Session Family Session Jenn Spain Jenn Spain Photography Lifestyle Photographer Los Angeles Photographer Portrait Photographer Thu, 14 Nov 2019 13:20:14 GMT
The Myth of the Wedding Tax Admit it. You've heard it. We've all heard it. Photographers jack up their prices the moment you utter the word "wedding".

Well guess what, kids? I'm here to drop truth bombs and spill some serious tea.

This so called Wedding Tax is a myth. Yup, it's total bullshit. Let me explain. 

Wedding photography is expensive. But not why you might think. I don't hear the word "wedding" and randomly throw a few extra dollar signs onto my quote... there is a lot more to it than that.

It's easy to assume that wedding photographers are so expensive because of their gear. And yes, that is part of it. If I've shot your wedding you've absolutely seen me double fisting cameras, sporting rad and expensive looking lenses. Not to mention the sheer number of memory cards, hard drives and batteries I go thru on an annual basis annnnnd the top notch insurance I need to cover it all! It costs a ton of money to be a photographer.

But guess what? That's still only part of it.

My favorite kind of double-fisting. Two Nikons and I'm golden. Photo shot by Alice Tsui.

Being a wedding photographer is an incredibly physically demanding job. A typical wedding will have me on my feet pretty much non-stop for 8-12 hours straight. I'll do 500 squats easily throughout the day and I've been known to belly slide across a dance floor so I can NAIL THAT PERFECT SHOT. The "wedding photography hangover" is a real thing that is well known in the photography community. Weddings are a workout but we also have to go easy on water throughout the day because we don't have a ton of opportunities to use the restroom. The next day our bodies feel like they've been through a hard night of drinking but we haven't had a drop. It's just a glorious combination of dehydration and sore muscles.

But guess what? That's not all. 

During weddings both emotions and expectations are at their absolute highest. You can't redo your wedding, so you're counting on your photographer to capture everything perfectly. As your photographer, I'm also the only person (besides your spouse) who will literally be with you ALL. DAY. LONG. Even those life-saving wedding planners who helped take all that stress off of you during wedding planning won't be with you because they're off running the show! I'm privy to some of the most beautiful moments of your life and some of the most stressful and emotional as well. Once I consoled (did I say console? I meant twerked my ass offto get a crying bride to laugh. I've hugged and comforted a Mother of the Groom as she wept because she wished her husband had been alive to see their son get married.  Another time, I scrubbed blood out of the back of a bride's dress minutes before she was supposed to walk down the aisle (and it wasn't even her blood). All of this while still taking gorgeous images that capture the beautiful moments that are happening amidst the chaos.


Me absolutely MURDERING that bloodstain out of a wedding dress. Photo by the incredible Casey Brodley.

Of course, when your wedding is over my work has barely begun. I spend hours choosing the perfect collection of images and hand editing each one of them. This is when I get to turn those raw images into art. And honestly, that's one of the most rewarding parts of this job. My art becomes your memories... I freaking LOVE that.

Which brings me to the final reason why the Wedding Tax is a hot load of crap.

It is a literal investment in your memories!!!  You are paying for the preservation and documentation of one of the most important days of your life. These photos won't just be enjoyed by you but by your children and your grandchildren. Those captured memories are one of the only things you'll have left when your beautiful wedding is over. You'll never wear (or possibly fit into) that wedding dress again. Your flowers will fade and die, all that delicious food and drink will be consumed and the songs you danced to will one day be oldies that you hardly ever hear anymore. But your photographs? Your photographs capture and preserve all of those elements that fade. Your photographs are forever.












 When you hire me as a photographer, you're not just hiring someone to stand there and click a button. You're paying for artistry, stamina, compassion and ninja-like reflexes. And even more than that, you're investing in a gift for yourself that will last a lifetime. 

And damnit, I'm worth it.



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Lindsay and Hunter and the Love That is Magic Every once and awhile, two souls meet and upon finding each other they realize that they were always meant to be. At least, that's how it was when Lindsay and I met all those years ago at our pole dance studio.

I'm kidding. OBVIOUSLY.

For real, that really is how Lindsay and I met! And as the two least flexible people in our Flexibility and Contortion class, we just HAD to be friends!!!

But Lindsay and Hunter? Well hot damn, those two are on a whole other level. Their passion and chemistry is undeniable. Their bond is so deeply forged in the universe that its intensity is acknowledged by everyone who meets them. And just look at them. LOOK!

How lucky am I to be their wedding photographer?

So freaking lucky.

A couple weeks back we shot their engagement photos up in the hills of Topanga. We got sooooo many amazing images and I want to share a few of my favorites with you all. I am counting down the days to their July wedding!


[email protected] (Jenn Spain Photography) 2020 Wedding Couples Session Documentary Photographer Engagement photos Engagement Session Firefly Lights Design Jenn Spain Jenn Spain Photography Lindsay and Hunter Los Angeles Photographer Love is Magic Summer Wedding wedding inspo wedding photographer Wed, 30 Oct 2019 21:45:00 GMT
It's Official, I'm a Flower Hag. I mean... you guys knew this already. I'm constantly going on and on about my garden and I won't shut up about my damn zucchini babyBut dammit I can't help myself.... I FREAKING LOVE FLOWERS.











The other thang I'm obsessed with is collaborating with my fellow wedding vendors. So when my girl Jen over at Burlap and Rose was looking for photographers to document her LA crew putting together some floral displays, I jumped at the chance. Duh.

One of the many things Jen is awesome at is assembling kick-ass teams of women. She is now based in Austin but her LA team is really holding down the west coast. Be sure to check out their amazing work!

Romance and Revelry

Fetch Florals

Luisa Cartagena (Florist and Flautist!)

Alex Sato

[email protected] (Jenn Spain Photography) Alex Sato Burlap and Rose Weddings Documentary Photographer Fetch Florals Jenn Spain Jenn Spain Photography Los Angeles Photographer Luisa Cartagena pro-tip reception Romance and Revelry Wedding Florals wedding inspo wedding photographer Fri, 25 Oct 2019 21:29:34 GMT
A Golden Morning by the Sea I have mentioned before how much I absolutely love photographing babies and children. I especially love it when I get to photograph the same kids multiple times as they grow and change and this little one is no exception! Her parents first came to me before she was even born to capture her mama's maternity photos and then again a couple months later to capture her as a newborn. Since then I've been returning every few months to capture her milestones. Now that she's 6 months old, it was time to hit the beach!

Nope, she doesn't look like her Dada at all. Not a bit. Absolutely no resemblance. 

Just us three against the sea.

I mean... come on!

Is she too cute? She might be too cute. Discuss.

Can't wait til next time, little one!

[email protected] (Jenn Spain Photography) Documentary Photographer Family Session Jenn Spain Jenn Spain Photography Lifestyle Portraits Los Angeles Photographer Milestones Milestones Session Southern California Will Rogers State Beach Fri, 18 Oct 2019 21:37:22 GMT
Stella the Sleeping Bully In the interest of continuing with my ridiculous (yet adorable) "newborn" shoots, this week I dropped in on Lindsey White of La Rosa Que Crecio to meet her new puppy Stella and to take some beautiful pictures to capture the fleeting time that she will be so tiny.

Mission Freaking Accomplished.

One day Stella will be a 50lb fart machine but today, she is only two months old and weighs just 10lbs. 

This cutie came from a litter of all girls. Her sister's names are Lolita, Penny, Elenor and... Potato.

Surrounded by girls for her entire young life, sassy Stella had never met a boy dog until she moved in with her new family and was introduced to the dog next door.

First thing she did was bite him on the Ding Dong.

 Atta girl.

Stella was a SHOW OFF when I got to her house. She tried to eat my necklace, she tried to eat the flowers her mom was arranging, she borked at the pizza we were eating and then peed on the laundry pile.

Ya know, basically preparing for world domination.

Mmmmm... dis flower smell good.

Being a bulldog, Stella sleeps approximately 23.5 hours a day but she was wired and ready to wrestle! She acted like a total goober and gave her mom a run for her money!

But being in front of the camera could tire juuuuust about anypup out and she slowly got sleepier.

I could stare at her lil' smoosh face for hours but a girl has gotta get her beauty sleep! I reluctantly called it a wrap and let the little angel get her rest.

Oh, Stella. Til next time we meet!

Who run the world?






[email protected] (Jenn Spain Photography) bulldog bulldog puppy cute dogs English bulldog Florals Jenn Spain Jenn Spain Photography La Rosa Que Crecio Los Angeles Photographer motherhood Newborn photographer newborn puppy shoot puppy puppyhood Mon, 16 Sep 2019 20:50:40 GMT
Please Welcome to the World Our New Baby (That We Are Going to Eat). Last week when I went out of town I asked my husband to harvest a zucchini from our garden. He did but not the one I meant and then an absolute monster grew. Yes, we are going to eat it but it's also our baby now, so of course we did a photoshoot to celebrate becoming a family.



We know it's unconventional BUT WE ARE COMMITTED, WE ARE A FAMILY NOW.

We've understandably have had lots of questions so I'm just going to answer a few of the FAQ's so we don't have to keep repeating ourselves!


Where are you registered?



Will you be having anymore?

We will definitely be having more children because we can't stop eating them.


Why do a photoshoot?

I love my family and want the world to know it.


Who does your baby look like?

Both of us. It has my eyes and it's father's hairline.


Are... you sure it's yours?

Fine, we used a seed bank. But we love it just the same.



Last night I baked 1/4 of our baby into Blueberry Zucchini Bread and it was freaking delicious. We have plenty to go around but just in case you are too far away to properly enjoy, here is the recipe. Just use any old mutant zucchini (or regular zucchini) that you have laying around.



I know, I know... this all seems a little crazy, but I'm a big believer in not taking life too seriously. And if you're going to take something seriously (like zucchini parenthood) you might as well give it 110% and have fun while you're at it!!! Look, if I am this committed to making a shoot with a vegetable happen just imagine how rad and committed I'm going to be to making your wedding look amazing!!! If I treat a zucchini like a prince just imagine how determined I am to lift you up and make you feel like a goddess when you walk into my boudoir studio. Trust me, my commitment to my zucchini baby is a good thing.


My husband is a natural and I'm so glad I married him.


My advice to you is this: When you're trying to find a photographer to document an important life event (or take hot photos of your cute ass) ask them HOW COMMITTED WOULD THEY BE TO TAKING NEWBORN PICTURES OF AN OVERSIZED VEGETABLES. 

Then call me. The zucchini mom.





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Albuquerque Skies and Deep Friendship Hey-ho, beautiful humans! September is upon us and while the rest of the country is cozying up in flannels, puffy vests and pumpkin-spiced flavored everything, here in Los Angeles we are preparing for the hottest month of the year. Yup, in LA September is DISGUSTING. So I decided to jet-set to Albuquerque this past weekend to visit my bestie and escape the heat. Oh, Jenn... You sweet, naive, beautiful little baby! Turns out Albuquerque is ALSO hot as balls. But no matter, I had my friend and muse back in my arms and we managed to squeeze in the most EPIC power shoot in the last 30 minutes before sunset.

The skies and endless landscape absolutely lend themselves to imagery and it doesn't hurt that Kate is also the most beautiful thing ever.

While I didn't manage to capture any of it in the photos, there was lightning off in the distance all around us. "These skies a frickin' gorgeous!!!" I exclaimed. "WHAT ABOUT ME?!" She shouted back. I love her.

If you've ever met Kate you know that she can't be serious for more than 20 minutes at a time. "Take a picture of me with my dress on my head!". Again, I love her.

The darkness crept up on us quickly (again- 30 minutes) but we made that sh*t happen!! Of course, I'll be back. I'm gonna capture that lightning if its the last thing I do!!

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That First Year...  

Today marks one year since my husband and I walked each other down the aisle and exchanged our vows. We had been told over and over that the first year was going to be SO HARD but honestly, it's been the opposite for us. We certainly have had some stressful moments; many (too many) car repairs, personal goals not happening as quickly as we hoped and a couple of months where I had to tend to a brief bout of depression. But comparatively, those stressful moments were the absolute minority in an otherwise amazing first year. The warnings that this year would suck just didn't apply to us. I would say a good 95% of our first year has been spent laughing our asses off and making out. I wouldn't have it any other way.

My best friend Kate introduced us. She told me months before Josh had asked for my number that she thought he was the right guy for me. She was right and she is VERY proud of her rock-solid intuition on this one. I knew there was something special about him on our first date. We spent hours at the restaurant talking and I loved how quick witted and intelligent he was. Kate said she thought we would have great chemistry and would enjoy debating politics together. Check and check! When we said our goodbyes I was hoping for a kiss but the valet was... intrusive and... hovering. Josh pulled me in for a soft kiss on the cheek instead. My heart still flip flopped.


Two days later on a rainy Saturday we had our second date. We decided to introduce our dogs because let's face it, if the dogs didn't get along there was no point in taking things any further! They sniffed butts for 2 seconds and then galloped off together. Our date lasted the whole day. After discovering that we both had the same favorite pizza (pineapple and you can go ahead and shut up if you hate it)  we ordered one and killed two bottles of wine while sitting under a giant umbrella on the back porch. The dogs happily wrestled in the mud while we made out (I already warned you that we do this a lot).


Six months later I confessed my love to Josh for the first time while coming out of anesthesia after having my wisdom teeth removed. He filmed the whole hilariously embarrassing spectacle and STILL wanted to be my boyfriend after. He's so nice to me all the time.

Just shy of our 3rd anniversary of that first date, Josh proposed at a music festival. I knew a proposal was coming but I was caught COMPLETELY off guard. I never expected him to do it in such a public location.I laughed hysterically for a full minute, doubling over with giggles while Josh still on one knee stared with nervous expectation at me. I finally managed to squawk out a "Yes!" and the small crowd that had gathered around us cheered. We hugged and kissed and laughed together for a few minutes before we raced off to see Alanis Morissette. But first- I had to pee! I found an empty port-a-potty and sat down and promptly burst into tears. I was overcome with emotion and the disbelief of what just happened. I sobbed for a minute and then pulled myself together and opened the door. Half a dozen women were standing there, looking at me with great concern. "Are you ok, sweetie?" one of them asked. I smiled and thrust my hand out at them. "I just got ENGAGED!!!" We all shrieked and laughed together and I skipped off to join my fiancé. 


We spent just 7 weeks being engaged before we jumped the broom. There were many, many reasons why we decided to elope instead of having a traditional wedding but the most important one ended up being the one we realized after. By eloping, we were able to spend our entire wedding day focused exclusively on each other. There was no drama, no interruptions, no stupid seating charts. Just our love. It was perfect.


My favorite walk I have ever been on was the one we took together down the aisle. I loved entering our wedding space together, as a team. It was the perfect metaphor for how I want us to face anything that comes our way.


After we exchanged our vows we held each other close and shared a first dance. It didn't matter to us that we didn't have a reception hall full of eyes on us... we wanted to seal our marriage with that moment. It's one of my favorite memories of all time.


Josh has taught me how to slow down, take my time and be intentional. I have taught him how to find the joy in going off the beaten path and to not panic when he sees a bee. We've taught each other how to listen to the other and how to move through the world while taking another human into constant consideration. This partnership is a privilege and we don't take it for granted. 

Traditionally, the first anniversary gift is supposed to be paper. Tonight we are throwing it back to one of our first dates and ordering in some pineapple pizza to eat on paper plates. To us, cheap pizza and good champagne is the perfect way to celebrate one year of being husband and wife. 


There is so much magic in store for our future and I'm so grateful that whatever comes our way, we get to experience it together. Happy Anniversary, Husband. 


I love you and I like you.


Wedding photography and video by Love and Lemons Photography


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In-Home Sessions and Squishy Newborns. A few weeks ago I was asked to photograph baby Erik when he was just 5 days old. Newborn lifestyle sessions are a favorite of mine. They are done at the home of my clients and capture all the rawness, beauty and emotions of a family welcoming a newborn into their lives. Even better, I already knew sweet Erik's family very well as I photographed the wedding of his parents Sara and Ben, last year. 

Every home with a new tiny human is draped with a veil of exhaustion. Sara had an exceptionally long labor and was running on adrenaline, love and sheer force of will. Ben, wide eyed and with a mix of shock and admiration spoke of his wife, "She went and had a baby for three whole days!" It was beautiful, hilarious and heartwarming. 

Of course, Erik is a perfect little squish.... He wears the classic newborn expression that makes babies look both incredibly wise and innocently bewildered all at once. It's a magical expression.

It is important to note that Erik has a very special older brother. His name is Wally and he was the ABSOLUTE STAR of Sara and Ben's wedding. He is the gentlest, most sweetest and well behaved boy and he is head over heels in love with the newest edition of the family!

Sara's parents were also there to welcome their new grandson and provide a helping hand.

Even running on an hour of sleep, Sara is a total natural. 

And Wally? Well, he's never very far away. Like...ever. <3

This sweet family has a lot of sleepless nights ahead of them but also so much joy. Sara and Ben know how to love and they are so supportive and respectful to one another. Erik is so lucky to have them and sweet Wally looking after him.

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Jackie and the Bees It should come as surprise to basically no one that I am deeply obsessed with my gardens and insect life. I've written a couple of different blog posts on the macro photography that I'm so passionate about. The whole reason I got into gardening was so that it would attract even more interesting insects to my yard so that I could photograph them. Way back in high school I took the most amazing environmental science class and ever since then I have spent thousands of hours observing and documenting the natural world. 

Seventeen year-old Jenn's drawings and observations. 

I recently discovered that I share a passion for science and the natural world with one of my beautiful brides, Jackie! Remember Jackie? From the most amazing Big Sur Wedding? Holy crap, that was a great day. Anyways, Jackie also has a huge interest in science and for some time has been wanting to find a hobby that is both altruistic and could be done with a sometimes chaotic schedule. Jackie is an actress and her audition and rehearsal schedule keeps her busy. It is equally important for actors and artists (ahem, photographers) to find hobbies. It is super easy for us to get lost in our craft and forget to tend to the parts of our brains that aren't creating art. Given our planet's dwindling bee populations, Jackie decided that the best hobby for her that would also give back to our world was beekeeping! She enrolled herself in apiary classes and a few months ago, acquired her hive. I was ECSTATIC when I found out she was doing this and even happier when she invited me out to her and Colin's Topanga oasis to document her bees. I photograph honey bees in my yard as much as I can... I love offering exhausted bees a little sugar water so they have enough energy to find their way home.

A honeybee using its proboscis to drink sugar water.


As a boudoir photographer, I'm often found taking pictures of boobies but I jumped at the chance to take some pictures of a whole hive of bee-bees!!!

See what I did there??

 After suiting up, the first thing Jackie did was smoke her bees with a bee smoker. The smoke encourages the bees to move further down into the hive so it's easier for Jackie to inspect them. The smoke also masks the bee's pheromones so if some of the bees start to get a little agitated the rest of the hive doesn't notice!


Jackie has a Langstroth Hive which is made out of layers of boxes and frames that make it easier to collect honey when the bees start producing. An active hive can have anywhere from ten to sixty thousand bees! Hives are truly like miniature cities... every bee has a job and a purpose that supports the health of the hive.

 A hive needs access to clean water (Jackie keeps a flowing fountain in her yard), proper ventilation, access to morning sun but protection from harsh afternoon sun, and security from animals looking to steal their honey! Jackie keeps a heavy brick on the lid of her hive to prevent greedy raccoons and she greases the legs of her hive to prevent ants from invading underneath.

I'm pretty obsessed with this image. I love the way the light bounces off all the fuzzy little bees.

Jackie carefully removes each frame to inspect them. Each active hive consists of one queen, hundreds of drones (the only males in a hive), thousands of older foragers, thousands of younger hive bees, thousands of capped brood, thousands of uncapped larva and thousands of eggs! She inspects them to make sure she can find evidence of all the inhabitants so that she knows her hive is healthy.

You mayyyyyyy be wondering why Jackie isn't wearing gloves and there is actually a really good reason for that! When she is gloveless it's easier for her to feel where the bees are when she is removing the frames. She tries very hard not to squish or kill any of the bees and when she's wearing gloves it can desensitize her to their movements. Honeybees are fairly chill by nature and remaining calm and collected around them helps them stay the same.

One of my favorite moments of the hive inspection was getting to see this bee being born!!!! I've wanted to do birth photography for what feels like forever.... have I finally broken into the market?!?!

Some of the frames were positively dripping with bees and I was so impressed with how confidently and precisely Jackie would flip the frames around to inspect her ladies. 

I mean... come on. She's a brilliant, beautiful bad-ass.

While I was documenting, I did not have on a bee suit but I did have on many layers of protective clothing. Most importantly, I had on large socks that I could tuck my jumper into so the bees wouldn't accidentally get inside my clothing. Even with the protective clothing, it is impossible not to get any bees on you! You just have to remain calm and gently shake them off as you go.

This little cutie landed on my leg and was quite the model until I shooed her away.

Once the hive has been fully inspected Jackie carefully reassembled the hive. While the older foragers are experts at finding their way home most of the hive's inhabitants are a bit directionally challenged. As the smoke encourages the bees to get as low as they can many of them spilled out and got stuck underneath the hive or on the ground. Jackie assisted them in finding their way back by stopping them up by hand!

I had to put my camera down to help so I didn't get any photos of it, but I also got to scoop up the bees! It feels like your holding dozens of slightly sticky vibrators.

This entire experience was absolutely magical for me. My husband has a pretty severe bee allergy, so keeping my own hive is not in my future. I feel a sense of commitment to support my local apiarists and to continue documenting bee behavior in my own backyard. 


Bees are crucial to our ecosystems. Make space for them, respect them. Find joy in observing the creatures that help keep our species alive. M'kay, loves?






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Breanne and Kris This past Saturday I ventured out to Camarillo to photograph the wedding of the sweetest couple, Breanne and Kris. I met them both last year when Breanne was a bridesmaid in Cass and Caleb's wedding and I was SO happy when they asked me to document their own special day. 

Breanne and Kris are both fun loving, quick to laugh and deeply in love. They both really love exploring breweries and from the very first date it was clear that they had a fantastic connection. Breanne was so touched when Kris would scope out vegetarian friendly restaurants for date nights and Breanne's sparkling and sincere personality made him fall pretty hard. Beyond beers, they both also keep their friends and loved ones close. When Breanne introduced Kris to her Maid of Honor, Cass knew right away that this man would one day become her best friend's husband. Kris' friends were ecstatic that Kris found a woman as wonderfully genuine and kind as Breanne.

 Sometimes dating apps work and these two are so happy that they both swiped right! 

Their wedding was held at Wedgewood Sterling Hills. It's Spanish-style hall and rolling green was a beautiful backdrop for this sunflower-laden celebration!

Last year Breanne lost her beloved step-father and she carried a portrait of him in her sunflower bouquet. I noticed her reaching for it throughout the day when special moments happened. It touched my heart to know that she had a way to keep him in her presence on such a special occasion. 

While Kris and his Groom's Crew were all business up top, it was a total party downstairs.

Get your mind out of the gutter, I'm talking about SOCKS.


Their ceremony started at 6 o'clock and it was so soft and beautiful. I love nothing more than an evening ceremony, especially in the summer. The light was perfect and the joy was infectious!

Breanne was escorted down the aisle by her father and her brother Sean, who beautifully represented their late-father.

I adore how lovingly and confidently Kris looks at his bride. 

Humor was blended into the cheerful ceremony, they both made each other (and their guests) laugh. In between the crack-ups, they held a sand ceremony to represent their union. Kris became a little verklempt during his vows but pulled through with Breanne's gentle encouragement. It was such a beautiful metaphor for marriage... taking turns being strong and supporting the other when things are difficult. Kris' beautiful words had Breanne simultaneously weeping and smiling. Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion!

A spontaneous dip-kiss! I swooned for them both. Everyone deserves a kiss like that on their wedding day.

This is the last kissing picture, I swear!

I lied.

Following the ceremony we snuck away for some golden hour portraits and that gorgeous light is perfect for kissing!

The gazebo at the ceremony site was the perfect location for some dramatic night portraits.

During the reception Breanne and her brother shared an emotional dance in honor of their dad. It was so deeply moving and beautiful. In that moment, there was no such thing as dry eyes. We all felt the love they have for him.

After the dancing, and the reveling, and the shenanigans... Breanne and Kris exited their wedding in a parade of bubbles and loved ones. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day but it is just the start of their lives together. 

Congratulations, Breanne and Kris!

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Anthony and Kris Ann As a documentarian of love, I travel all over the country to take pictures of weddings. This weekend love brought me to Ventura County, where I photographed the marriage of Anthony and Kris Ann. 

These two are opposites and yet, seem perfectly paired. Anthony is boisterous and energetic while Kris Ann is more quiet and reserved. They first met in church, and Kris Ann caught Anthony's eye pretty quickly. "You should ask me for my number" he boldly told her. Not wanting to give him the satisfaction, Kris Ann held off and bided her time. Later on, after flirting at a party they both attended, Kris Ann did a little reconnaissance and found Anthony's phone number in the church directory. The rest is history.

A hotel snafu prevented Kris Ann from getting ready at the hotel like she planned, so she and her bridesmaids got ready in the bathroom of the church instead! Unexpected snags in the plan can feel so stressful, but I truly believe that things going wrong at a wedding is the perfect metaphor for marriage! Sometimes things go right and sometimes they don't but you lean into each other, adjust the plan, and move forward as a team. 

An adorably sassy flower girl made the bathroom quite entertaining!

Anthony got ready at the home of his brother, in the company of men he has known his entire life and his brother's children.

Both Anthony and Kris Ann are huge lovers of the outdoors and they wanted to do their first look surrounded by nature. We chose the Ojai Meadow Preserve, which had beautiful trees and rolling meadows- the perfect combination of the nature they both grew up with.

Anthony got a little choked up with emotion before he even saw his bride... the anticipation was enough to do him in. When he turned around he stared at her with the most tender expression. "You're so beautiful, baby. I love you so much" he kept saying over and over. 

Kris Ann surprised Anthony with the knowledge that she made her own wedding dress! She found the act of stitching her wedding gown to be a grounding and calming thing amidst the chaos of wedding planning.

I can't get over the way he looks at her. SWOOOOOON!

"Riches take wings, comforts vanish, hope withers away, but love stays with us. Love is God." -Lew Wallace

After a few shots with their fabulous wedding party, we had to hit the road so we could get these two to the church on time!

They opted for a simple ceremony and a small guest list. Their families and a few close friends were all they needed to celebrate this joyous union. 

Their reception was relaxed and happy. They opted for a few first dances and then Anthony entertained the guests with the story of a failed bear hunt on the day he proposed. He had a bear in his sights but then hesitated, the bear disappeared and he missed his chance to pull the trigger. He realized he didn't want the same thing to happen with Kris Ann. That night after they got home, he dropped to one knee in the kitchen and proposed. 

Their future is as big as the sky and I wish these two a lifetime of happiness, love and shared dreams. 

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Get naked and plant some flowers! The first Saturday of May is one of my favorite days of the year... World Naked Gardening Day! I'm sure it comes as no surprise that I took the time to properly celebrate. I have helped spark the confidence of so many incredible women while photographing them in my boudoir studio and I gotta say... that confidence is catching. After spending so much time praising and showing women how deeply beautiful they are, you really begin to internalize that body-positivity! Not to mention that digging in the dirt while wearing nothing but a big ole hat is actually really fun. I know exactly why toddlers love it so much.

But as much fun as it is, nude-gardening is a rare occurrence. Before you know it, it's too damn hot and sticky for such things. Mid-Spring weather is my absolute favorite for working outside. We're in that perfect sweet spot right now... no need to turn on the heat or the AC. We keep our back door open and enjoy the fresh air flowing thru our home.  Everything is so vibrant and alive and blossoming like crazy. I'm spending my early evenings marveling over every inch of it and happily photographing all the beauty. 

My lovely little yard.


I've been taking macro shots of flowers and insects for years. Having a garden pretty much provides me with an endless supply of subjects. Taking these closeup shots requires a ton of patience but it so exciting to capture such tiny details. 

A honey bee drinking water and Osteospermum


Taking macro photographs of the natural world isn't all that different than the closeups I take of wedding rings. They are both incredibly technical and you have to get creative to get the perfect angle!

A pincushion flower blossom and wedding ring set on a protea (one of the best bouquet statement flowers, in my opinion).


While we grow a bunch vegetables too, flowers are so much more fun to photograph. I absolutely adore shooting wedding florals too. Usually my focus when photographing bouquets is capturing the entire arrangement, but I also love zeroing in on a statement flower in a bouquet and giving it a few frames to shine.

I've also had the chance to witness the lives of all the tiny little creatures in my yard. We grow a ton of milkweed for the monarch butterflies and watching their life-cycle is immensely enjoyable.

Milkweed- the sole source of food for the monarch caterpillar.

A monarch egg (about the size of a pencil tip) and a monarch caterpillar covered in raindrops.


A monarch chrysalis and freshly hatched monarch butterfly.


I keep my camera strapped to my body as I water and tend.... It puts me at such a great vantage point for being able to capture these little wonders. And I love that my hobby has given me so much time practice shooting extreme details. Every time I shoot a ring or bouquet I find a moment to be grateful for my garden.

Thank you, garden.

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Women Are Wild(flowers) As an artist, I have always been drawn to feminine energy. I'm deeply inspired by it and as I've gotten older, I've realized that having the presence of strong feminine energy in my life is one of the primary contributions to my level of happiness. I can't help but roll my eyes at hearing the tired trope of "women are bitches to each other" because in my experience, it couldn't be further from the truth. My creative partnerships have always been with other women, in times of both joy and grief I seek out the company of my sisters, and even just by looking through this website it is apparent that women are often the focus of my art. Women carry a special flame that my lens is drawn to and I've learned to trust my creative inspiration. 

Likewise, flowers are another massive source of inspiration for me. It's no secret that I'm a bit of a CPL (crazy plant lady) and surround my life and home with as much greenery as I can. Southern California was gifted with plentiful rains this winter and the wildflowers are responding with great kindness. Our rolling hills and valleys and even our alleyways are lush with more botanicals than I ever thought possible. 

I've had a couple of shoots over the last couple weeks with women and wildflowers... how could I pass up such a combination, I just love that witchy-shit. Here are a few of my favorite images from those sets.

Head in the clouds and feet in the flowers.

Kate, my bestie and long-time muse.

I suppose Bougainvillea isn't technically a wildflower, but it certainly grows like one! There is a 200+ stretch of it growing under the train tracks in my neighborhood and I'm obsesssssssed with it. Beautiful Brooklyn helped bring these images to life.

Be wild, women. 












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I Left My Heart in Dolores Park It is no secret that I deeply love music festivals. Live music feeds my soul and there is no better way to shake loose your troubles than by dancing your ass off for an entire weekend. Festivals are one of my very favorite past-times and some of the best memories I have took place at them.  In fact, my sweet husband made my love for them even stronger by dropping down on one knee and proposing at a festival!
























One thing that has remained the same in all my years as a festival goer is that it is the people I share it with that make these experiences so damn wonderful. Friendship was the only reason I needed to fly up to San Francisco this weekend but a bad case of cabin fever and a cheap round trip ticket sealed the deal. I flew straight into the arms of my Mary, who had the most delicious weekend planned for us! By some miracle, the sun didn't stop shining all weekend. The weather was warm and gorgeous and the whole city emerged to bask in the glow.

We spent all of Saturday camped out in Dolores Park listening to music, buying coconuts filled with rum and eating so much cheese. It was decadent, delicious and exactly what I needed.

Sunday morning I woke before sunrise and took myself on a solo adventure through Nob Hill. I love the feeling of big city before dawn... the quietness is amazing and it gives me the illusion of having the whole place to myself. Just the way my camera and I like it.

I stopped into the Gallery Cafe for a coffee and found a jar full of origami animals free for the taking. The butterfly made me smile and I happily slipped it into my pocket before heading on to my next adventure.

BRUNCH. My favorite sport. We feasted and had a few mimosas in the morning sun. I love a lazy breakfast filled with conversation and an opportunity for a portrait. Once we were thoroughly fueled we set out for a 10 mile hike through the trails along the coast.

Look at my beautiful friends on Mile Two. So young, so full of hope.

I'm never gonna pass up the chance to take a snap of a beautiful blossom. I always stop to smell the roses. I'll also totally stop and ask my friend to pose like an Instagram model. He obliged.

They all did.

The trails eventually lead us to this giant beast. It is even more impressive than I thought it would be... each cable is thicker than a tunnel slide and I was in absolute awe of how majestic is is.

We came across this gentleman, who was truly living his best life while enjoying the view.

Our 10 mile journey came to an end at The Palace of Fine Arts. I mean.... just LOOK at this gorgeousness. I'm completely in love.

I saw these two gorgeous strangers climb up one of the structures and I couldn't help but grab a shot of them.

Mile 10 did us in... remember that photo from earlier and all the joy and hope it possessed? Times have changed.

It was time to celebrate the end of our journey with a well-deserved round (or two..or three) of delicious Irish Coffee. After all, it was St Paddy's Day!

After warming our bones and then giving way to utter exhaustion, we parted ways. Mary and I went back to her house to pig-out on Indian food and ugly cry our way thru a few episodes of Queer Eye. I have no pictures of this... if you want to experience the joy of it yourself, shove a bunch of naan in your mouth and turn on Netflix. It'll be just like you were actually there!


Thank you, friends. Thank you, San Francisco. I love you.


Until next time....







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Stop, Collaborate and Listen! One of my very favorite things about being a working artist is when I find opportunities to collaborate with my fellow creatives. Its been a few years since I've had a chance to collaborate with the incredible Burlap & Rose... last time we joined forces we created some really beautiful stuff!

Florals by Burlap & Rose. Dress, headpiece and choker from Deborah Lindquist Eco Couture, Hair and Makeup by The Collab Beauty Group.

Burlap & Rose's fearless leader and founder, Jennifer Toth Clary, has since relocated to Austin and her fabulous business is now serving TWO major cities. Her L.A. clients are now in the talented and capable hands of Aletha and Luisa. These two boss-babes stopped by my studio last weekend to create some gorgeous florals for me to document and I loved getting a chance to see some fellow creatives make some magic with half a dozen buckets worth of flowers!


                                  Luisa  (Pictured Above)                                                                                                                                           Aletha (Pictured above)

Once these two beauties were finished creating these STUNNING florals, we brought them into the studio so we could make some more magic.

Painting my walls deep green is one of the best decisions I've made! It's tone shifts depending on what I'm photographing and its damn near perfect for shooting all the dark and moody imagery that I love so much.

Florals are genuinely one of my favorite things to photograph. The colors, the smells, the absolute pure romance of a fabulous arrangement... I'm soooo here for it.

It was during this shoot that I learned that the best, HANDS DOWN BEST, flower for doing ring shots is Australia's own... the Protea.

I'm pretty lucky that my amazing husband bought me such a bomb-ass ring! (I seriously *almost* fell over when he got down on one knee and presented it to me). And I mean, I know I'm totally biased but my rings are my absolute favorite to photograph!

Finally, I put a few items together to create a beautiful flat-lay. Flat-lays are an awesome way to showcase all your accessories and florals for your wedding. Throw in some personal items like perfume or treasured mementos and you are gold!

I'm so, so glad that I had the opportunity to work with such a rad and innovative company again. Female-run businesses that are overflowing with creativity and drive totally make my heart go pitter-pat. Three cheers for community, collaboration and wedding-industry creatives!

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These Are a Few of My Favorite Wedding Looks I have had the amazing fortune of having some of the most bad-ass and unique humans hire me as their wedding photographer. And what comes with all that bad-assery, you ask? EPIC FASHION CHOICES.















I have a deep, deep appreciation for dramatic flair, ostentatious accessories and GIVING ZERO F#&%@!!!  Boring, stuffy weddings are absolutely a thing of the past and I just love that people are using their weddings as a chance to flaunt some serious style. Here is a round up of my Top 8 favorite looks from the weddings I've shot over the years!


8. Lucera and Roman

Lucera worked so hard on designing every element of her wedding to Roman. She's also an amazing artist and we bonded over the fact that we both have been greatly influenced by Catholic art. She was totally channeling some saint-vibes with her veil and her choice to put her gorgeous bridesmaids in fitted, black rompers was nothing short of spectacular. Paired with bright, bold florals and vintage-inspired red heels, this look absolutely rocked. Roman and his groomsman were just as stylish in their gray suits and and black shades!


7. Tuling

Tuling is a hilarious, playful and skateboard loving badass! She didn't want to take her wedding too seriously and opted to go full-blown flapper for her look! Sh wore a pink dress, white wig and a feather boa at her wedding to Dmitry. Tuling literally jumped up and down for joy during her vows and seeing all her fringe shimmy and shake was totally wonderful to watch.


6. Mariah

Mariah had an absolutely stunning, classic wedding dress and she elevated her look to rock-star status with a stunning faux hawk updo and a pair of Converse All Stars. She looked both elegant and punk rock all at once and her footwear ensured that she could spend the night cutting it up on the dance floor!


5. Katie and Kelly


Katie and Kelly are lovers of all things Tiki and their wedding was infused with tropical details. Kelly opted for a classic blue tux which delightfully complimented Katie's Sea Queen vibes. Her hair piece from Nancy's Fancy Fruits illuminated with twinkling lights when she hit the dance floor. Katie put her bridesmaids in bright, festive dresses and the most gorgeous, vibrant florals rounded out the terrific Tiki-ness!


4. Rebecca and Chris

Rebecca and Chris embody the word dapper and they took their love of all things vintage to new heights at their wedding! Rebecca opted for a 40's inspired pinup look and Chris' incredible mustache was groomed to handlebar perfection. Their reverent and classic church wedding gave way to a raucous reception filled with Star Wars details. Vintage + Nerd = Very Happy Photographer.


3. Jessica and Kevin

I just LOVE me a black wedding dress!! Jessica and Kevin's American Horror Story/Carnival of Animals wedding was WILD and they made sure their style reflected that. Jessica embraced her Indian heritage with some stunning henna on her hands and her fairy princess dress was given a gothic twist with its midnight tones. Kevin rocked an orange velvet jacket and they both carried gothic style parasols to help beat the July heat!


2. Megan

Megan channeled Old Hollywood when choosing her stunning wedding look! Megan and James got married on a chilly, January day and her faux-fur kept her warm and cozy! I love that she opted for a side hair piece rather than a traditional veil. It looked adorable with her wavy bob and red lips!


1. Danika and Monique

This wedding will probably always be impossible to beat. Black wedding dress? Check. Gnarly head-piece featuring animal skulls and horns? Check. Two Brides? Check and Check! Danika is a costume designer and she went straight to the very best to help her create this one of a kind look- Dark Garden Unique Corsetry. Monique opted for knee-high lace up boots, and a matching leather jacket and vest. I shot this wedding over three years ago and I swear, I'm still swooning over the damn thing.















Well, that just about wraps it up... But what the hell, why not one more! Here is an extra-special bonus look from a wedding I shot with the ever inspiring Casey Brodley. I've always said that the best second photographer is a lead photographer who knows how to check their ego and I absolutely LOVED getting to second shoot for this queen. It totally helped that this wedding was lousy with style and it recently was featured on Green Wedding Shoes!


Bonus- Kate and Mike

I mean... they killed it. They murdered their wedding style and all other weddings bow before them.



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How do I go about choosing a photographer? Let's face it, wedding planning can be EXHAUSTING. When planning my own wedding, I found it to be so exhausting that we ran away and eloped. There are so many options out there and knowing what to look for is key! Here are 4 simple steps to finding the perfect photographer for you.

Tell me everything, dahling!


STEP 1: Check out that sweet, sweet website. A great photographer's website will tell you most of what you need to know. You can see the quality of their work and to see if their rates align with your budget. It is also helpful (but not required) to have a basic idea of the style of photography you like before checking out photographers. There are a ton of different styles out there: light and airy, dark and moody, documentary etc... Having a basic idea can certainly help you narrow it down but you can also use your website exploring time to figure out what kind of style speaks to you! I consider my style to be "Vibrant and Moody" as I love bright colors but I also love capturing dramatic, emotive moments. Every photographer has a different style though, so it is important to get a photographer who already shoots in the style you're looking for. You should never hire a "Light and Airy" photographer but expect your pictures to be dark and moody, I promise you'll be disappointed. Instead, hire a dark and moody photographer.

Pro Tip: Check out your photographer's business Instagram and Facebook page too! These sites are typically updated more frequently than websites.


 Once you've found a photographer who shoots in the style you like, it's time to do a little research.











STEP 2: Check out their reviews/Get some referralsThis is an important step. Don't skip it. Again, a photographer's website is going to have MOST of the info you need but unfortunately, there are some really unscrupulous jerks out there who will put photos that do not belong to them on their websites and others who have been known to "take the money and run". It sucks, but doing your due diligence and researching your photographer is a great way to protect yourself.  Read all their reviews and decide for yourself if you would like to proceed to the next step. A referral from someone you know and trust is also considered a review! First hand accounts of how your photographer works, communicates and performs is great information to have!

Pro Tip: Yelp, Facebook, Google and wedding websites are all great places to check out reviews.

Get really... familiar with your photographer


STEP 3: Meet them in person! This is also SUPER important. You and your photographer should totally dig each other's vibe. Your wedding day is so important and your photographer will see you in some really intimate and vulnerable moments. I mean, do you have any idea how many of my bride's bare butts and boobies I've seen? Like, a LOT. Your photographer's personality should put you at ease, make you feel confident and protected all at once! If you are getting the feeling AT ALL that your photographer doesn't respect you or care about you, they are not the photographer for you! Now, sometimes meeting your photographer isn't possible. I had a destination elopement and I wasn't able to meet my amazing photographer ahead of time. You know what I did do though? I checked out her social media (Love ya, Jaz!). From her social media I learned that she has a bunch of tattoos (like me!), has a gorgeous pitbull (like me!) and can swear like a sailor (holy shitballs, just like me!!). From what I gathered from her online presence I had a sneaking suspicion that we would get along famously and from her website, rates and reviews that she would be the perfect photographer for me. 


There is a massive "wedding photographer's questionnaire" floating around the internet and I've had a few couples bring it in tow to our meet and greet. Years ago one of my prospective brides was going through the list and about halfway thru she got to the question "Can you please list all of the gear you will be using at my wedding?" I rattled off my list of camera bodies, lenses, strobes and power packs as she stared at me. When I paused she looked at me and chuckled "I'm really not sure what any of that stuff is or why I'm supposed to care!?!" We had a good laugh about it but here's the thing.... you don't have to know or care about every single piece of your photographer's gear. That question was designed to help couples weed out the pros from the amateurs. Ya know, to make sure that we aren't attempting to shoot a wedding on our cell phones. I am not at all saying that you shouldn't have questions prepared. You should! Ask as many questions as you want but in my opinion, here are the two questions that REALLY matter.


Are you a licensed business?


Do you have business insurance?


If those answers aren't "yes" and "hell yes", this is not the photographer you're looking for.











We're almost to the finish line! Just one more VERY important step!


STEP 4: Read your contract, read your contract, read your contract. Once more in case you missed it, READ YOUR FREAKING CONTRACT. Seriously. Read it like, 10 times before you sign it. Ask questions! Don't be shy! I love it when my couples ask questions because it means that they READ THEIR CONTRACT! Your contract serves to protect both you and your photographer. Your contract should cover everything from the hours your photographer will be working, to how many pictures you can expect to how and where your photographs will be shared. I've heard some horror stories of brides who paid out the wazoo for their photographer and then only received 100 photos from a full day of shooting. I've also heard of brides waiting months and months and months to see their pictures. To both of those things I ask, what does your contract say? If for some reason that information isn't in your contract, ask for it to be! Any photographer worth their salt knows about how many pictures they can produce and how long it will take them to get edited. If they don't know, don't sign and keep looking. If everything looks great and you feel awesome about it, congratulations. You've found what you're looking for!!!




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Why can't I see my unedited photos? A few times a year I am asked by my clients if they can see or have every single photo I took during their session. "It doesn't even have to be edited! I'll just take it RAW!" My answer to this is always the same. 





Why not? Well, read on!


First off,  you actually need special software to view a RAW file. They aren't something you can just open on your phone or casually view on your computer. Not to mention that they are HUGE files. Like.... FREAKING ENORMOUS. Depending on the kind of image I'm capturing, a singe file can take up anywhere between 50-200 mega bites! I can easily shoot up to 250gb during an 8 hour wedding (roughly the same amount of storage on your average laptop). They are just way too large to be easily shared or viewed.


There is also a common misconception that because I shoot on an amazing camera that all my pictures are just automatically amazing and perfect.


Yes,  my camera IS amazing.... but guess what? The pictures I take don't just automatically look amazing because of the camera. It certainly helps but those images need a little Jenn Spain MAGIC for them to truly be appreciated. The truth is, lots of unedited pictures look like total butthole until they're edited. 

Well, maybe not butthole exactly but certainly not amazing! Unedited photos can seem unremarkable to the untrained eye but with a little of the aforementioned magic, the image blossoms into something spectacular.


 I often tell my clients to think of the unedited photo as an ingredient. You all know how I feel about cake, right? Say you hire the most reputable baker in town to bake you a delicious cake with chocolate ganache. You would be pretty disappointed if the baker plopped a sack of flour in front of you. I mean, the front window is filled with gorgeous cakes and the baker's instagram is just flooded with cake after beautiful cake. How come yours just looks like flour? The edited photo is the cake. The unedited photo is the flour. Don't ask to see the ingredient... wait for the cake, dammit. (It's worth it, I PROMISE.)


                                                                                                                         Ingredient  vs.  Cake                               


 Also, NOT EVERY IMAGE IS WORTH SEEING. If an image is blurry, or if someone is blinking or it's basically the same as another image but not quite as good, there is no point in keeping it! Unflattering pictures also get the boot because this never should have happened to Beyonce. I deliver only the VERY BEST images to my clients. Sure, you may "think" you want every single image from your wedding but as someone who actually has seen every single picture from your wedding- trust me when I say you don't. I very carefully cull and select only the very best photos for you. Not just because I want you to have only the best pictures (which I do!) but also because I have my pride! This is work that my name is attached too and its important to me that it is reflective of the quality my clients have come to expect. 


Still not convinced? Here are a few more.


What a difference, right?!! 

From meh to brilliant!

Cropping and color correction help make Cass and Caleb really pop in this photo. 


You feel me? I don't show you your unedited pictures because they aren't ready! They (like the cake) are being baked to absolute perfection. 





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Caleb and Cassandra's Winter Mountain Wedding This past weekend I took the beautiful and winding mountain roads up to Twin Peaks to document the marriage of Caleb and Cassandra. The crisp air and the golden sun filtering through the trees provided the perfect setting for this outdoorsy pair. They rented the most charming lodge at the rustic PineRose Cabins for their reception and held their gorgeous ceremony on the property of long-time family friends. Caleb and Cassandra each have a balancing presence in the other's life. Cassandra is quick-witted, vivacious and eager to share a laugh while Caleb is more reserved and takes pride in his role as her protector.

And they love each other like crazy.

Caleb got ready in the company of his brother and his groomsmen, all close friends from various stages of his life. Love has a way of softening even the most stoic of men, and the emotion and importance of the day was not lost on Caleb.

Stunning Cassandra got ready with her two beautiful sisters, her closest girlfriends, and her lovely mother, Kim. 

Cassandra's dress was absolutely breathtaking and the yin and yang of their personalities was reflected perfectly in their rings.

Cassandra was overcome with happy tears when she slipped into her dress. She started to compose herself when she looked at her mom only to see that she was also weeping and smiling. They pulled themselves together only to be overcome in another fit of laughter and rolling tears, "Mom, you have to stop!!!!" Cassandra exclaimed. 


More happy tears during her first look with her sweet daddy, Jim.

 Elizabeth Papadopoulos is a close family friend and an incredibly talented florist. She transformed the ceremony space with a bounty of gorgeous flowers.


Caleb and Cassandra both knew after their first date that they were meant to be. Bound together deeply by their shared faith, Cassandra and Caleb beautifully wove elements of their spirituality into their nuptials. They began their ceremony with a joyful prayer led by their officiant (and Caleb's brother), Jonathan. 

They also took communion during their ceremony. They intended to use bread from a cherished family recipe but the altitude had other plans during the baking process! They improvised and used a cinnamon roll instead, which is now officially the BEST way to take communion.

The way the light shone on them during communion made it look like they were wrapped in the heavens.

First makeout of the marriage!

The entire wedding party looked absolutely incredible together. With their faux fur stoles, Cassandra's bridesmaids were channeling some serious Game of Thrones vibes.

We didn't get the snowfall we were all hoping for but Caleb managed to find a patch of snow for a few portraits!

Pine Rose's property is so beautiful and expansive. Caleb and Cassandra truly picked a magical spot to exchange their vows. I'm so grateful I got to be there to witness such a deep and beautiful love story.

Happy Marriage to these two. 

May your lives be filled with passion, love and laughter.





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New Adventures (and less clothing) This week has been incredibly exciting for me! I had an amazing opening reception for my Artist-in-Residence at CRUX (huge thanks to everyone who came and purchased- the whole evening kicked some serious ass). Even more exciting than that, this weekend I officially launched a new extension to my business!


Intimate Empowerment Portraits by Jenn Spain Photography

Sensual, compelling portraiture for soulful women.

That's right, ya girl has launched a boudoir business! This is something that has been in the works for a long time and has FINALLY come to fruition. For as long as I have been a wedding photographer, my brides have been asking me to shoot their boudoir photos. And I always jumped at the chance, but not having a studio made it... complicated. My clients would either have to rent a hotel or Airbnb themselves or wait until I lined up enough clients to make renting a studio for the day worth it.  So maybe it wasn't so much "complicated" as it was a "giant pain the ass", but you get the idea! Long ago I had taken over the spare bedroom in our house to use as a studio, but I was mostly shooting headshots in there.... it was really barebones and not much to look at. But with the blessing of my dreamboat husband, I put a few coats of this gorgeous, lush green paint on the walls and bought some new furniture to transform a boring room into the perfect space to create these Intimate Empowerment Portraits.


So why am I calling it "Intimate Empowerment Portraits"??? 

Because what I'm offering is intimate. Treating yourself to a boudoir session is one of the most incredible acts of self-love that you can give! You are making the decision to show up for yourself and to love and celebrate your body in it's truest form. Choosing to show your vulnerability and sensuality in front of the camera can be an incredibly EMPOWERING act! Finding beauty in yourself is both freeing and cathartic all at once and your body is SO FREAKING WORTHY of celebrating! Got an ass that has helped you climb mountains while you brainstorm how to smash that glass ceiling at work? CELEBRATE IT! Got boobs that have nursed three babies??? CELEBRATE THEM

So, what does the session entail??

Glad you asked because you're in for a real treat! My sessions last approximately two hours- 1 hour in the makeup chair and 1 hour behind the camera. Hair and Makeup is included in the cost of the session. You are also treated to a complimentary champagne split and you have access to my collection of bralettes, kimonos, sheer dresses and lingerie. Also included in your session is 10 5x7 prints and a "little black book" (a beautiful 7x7 hardcover book of your images designed by yours truly).

Do you have to get naked?

No. For that matter you don't have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable. The only consent you have to give is to yourself! I will be there to help guide and direct you and to remind you how gorgeous you are.

Does this mean I'm not shooting weddings anymore??

Hell, no! Just try and stop me! I LOVE weddings and will shoot them til I'm dead. This is just a chance for me to jump into a medium I've always loved and longed to do. Weddings and creative portraits will still very much be a part of Jenn Spain Photography.


Do you offer boudoir for men?



OK, cool! As soon as I lose a little weight I'll give you a call!

HOLD UP!! What?!?! Girl... NO. You are already the perfect weight and size to have intimate pictures taken of yourself. We are not here to celebrate some idealized version of yourself! We are here to celebrate you exactly as you are, right freaking now. Curves, lumps, bumps and scars are all markers of the full and beautiful lives we've lived. Come as you are. You'll feel empowered as hell by the time you leave.



So, babes. Are you as excited as I am??? I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to seeing all of the incredible women who will be coming through my studio fall in love with themselves. Ready to do the same? Hit me up! 





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James and Megan This past Friday I had the honor of shooting the beautiful wedding of James and Megan. This sweet and playful couple each come from large and devoted families and it was so incredible to witness the absolute love that blessed their union. The only thing that outshone their family's love was their love for each other. They each kept the other laughing and I absolutely adored capturing their joy! 

I mean, just look at the JOY on their beautiful faces! Of course, they both have killer smiles to boot.

I'm an absolute sucker for gorgeous details. They have such wonderfully unique wedding bands and I love that they match. Megan's shoes were stunning and I gushed over them no less than 300 times. The crystal embellishments were spot on and they were the perfect accessory for Megan's Old Hollywood look!

Megan was positively GLOWING and my lens couldn't get enough of her beautiful face!

Their ceremony was held at Megan's parish, St John Eudes, in Chatsworth. Megan and her father made one of the most beautiful entrances I've ever seen and it just about took my breath away. This image just melts my heart and the look of love in their eyes as they prepare to walk down the aisle is so beautiful. I hope they both treasure this image for many years to come.

Blessing from the priest.

One of the things that have always struck me about religious ceremonies is the beauty of it's rituals. I love to think about the many, many couples who have recited the same vows and had the same blessings bestowed upon them. I think there is something so moving about that and it was incredible to watch how connected Megan and James and their families are to their faith.


Following their ceremony, in an act of absolutely beautiful familial devotion... Megan, James and a few other family members stopped to see Megan's Abuela at her nursing home. While she was unable to make the ceremony, she was waiting expectantly in her wheelchair when we arrived. She marveled at Megan's beautiful dress (she used to be a seamstress), admired their rings and kissed their hands. It was such a lovely moment and I will forever be touched by their efforts to include a beloved member of their family. I could see how much it meant to sweet Abuela too.

After they said goodbye to Abuela, it was time to head over to Dream Palace Banquet Hall for the reception!

One of the great things about this venue is that they have incredible in-house lighting all through the hall. Every wedding photographer's dream is a beautifully illuminated dance floor!

If you thought James had a playful personality before the reception, wait til you see him in celebration mode! What can I say? The man knows how to eat cake!!

One of my favorite images to capture at weddings is a shot of all the guests with the couple! With such gorgeous lighting, how could I resist finding a moment to capture everyone celebrating this beautiful couple??? Spoiler alert: I couldn't.

Congratulation, Megan and James!!! I wish you all the love and happiness this world has to offer!

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Before you commit to that New Year's diet.... Listen, I'm all for resolutions that help you become your happiest, healthiest self. You only get one body in this life and taking care of that shizz is important. But there is something else that is so, so important and that is.......




Just look at this gorgeous beast. Those perfectly even lines of frosting. Those stunning orchids and that gold sign declaring that I am indeed, this cake's favorite. There is plenty to share! I'll eat the right side and you can eat the left.


Oh, whaddup girl??? How you doin'? You need a ride? I can give you a lift in my mouth.


Ooooooh!!!! Look at these little baby-cakes! A different flavor for everyday of the week and perfectly sized to go directly into my mouth-hole. 


Well, aren't you a dark and mysterious vixen! Is that dark chocolate underneath those fresh cherries?? Are you wearing gold dusted pomegranate wedges?? Stop talking and get in my mouth!!!


What? You don't think think these little beauties are cake??? FIGHT ME!!!!


Oh, sweet lord there are THREE of you. Don't fight, don't fight. I'm a modern woman... there is plenty of me to go around. I promise to treat you all equally and love you each individually (in my mouth).


A classic white adorned with patriotic colors and two hopelessly in love cowboys?? Giddy-up straight into my face!


Look at this sumptuous beauty with her purple roses and frosting looking like watercolors? She knows she's gorgeous and she knows that you know it too. You can put this cake in your mouth right after me.


And now here are these perfect little angels!!! I keep one tucked in each cheek in case of an emergency! (Like running out of cake).


My darling! Did you think I was going to forget about you and that delectable chocolate crumb??? Never! NEVER. Now get in my mouth!!!!


Holy crap, I am THIRSTY. You thirsty? We deserve something spectacular to wash this cake down our gullets.

Oh, there it is. That's the stuff. Ahhhhhhhh.







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365 Days of Art I've always loved the start of a New Year. Once a year we give ourselves permission to start fresh and try again. The New Year traditionally has been a time for my closest girlfriends to gather and create vision boards for ourselves- to dream and map out the things we want for ourselves. Changing lives and chaotic schedules have gotten in the way of that this year but I've still taken some time to set both a resolution and a personal challenge. 


My resolution is simple: Do Better. Whatever I'm doing, be it work or my relationships... just do them a little better. Push myself a little further, love a little harder. Do what I've been doing but, ya know, BETTER.


I'm also challenging my artist self this year to make and share a picture every single day- no matter what. I've followed a few photographers over the years who have done this challenge and I've adored watching the growth they made. The idea is to spend 5 minutes with your camera, every day, outside of work or gigs and make a picture. Of anything! It just has to be every day. 


I'm now 9 days into this challenge. I would love for you to join me on my Facebook or my Instagram to follow along. Until then, here are my first 8 days of images. Enjoy!


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Garden Love Story For the first time in my adult life, I have a backyard. And with it, a newly ignited passion for gardening. 

Shining PinkA beautiful, flowering succulent.

This passion is a return to my roots, really. Growing up, my parents kept the most beautiful backyard. My dad sculpted the land, creating cascading stone walls and paths that my mother filled with the most beautiful flowers and sculptures made from rocks and driftwood. Most early mornings in the summer I could find my mama outside, drinking her coffee and tending to her gardens.

FlowerwebI'm not the only one tending to my garden...
I see now, what called her outside morning after morning. It is an almost meditative practice- centering and simple. In gardening, you give to yourself as equally as you give to the plants. Your effort returns to you as beauty and it feels GLORIOUS. You get your feet wet and your hands dirty and holy shit there is something so satisfying about getting dirt under your fingernails. 


As a photographer, all of this speaks to my soul. In the planting of flowers I've given myself an abundance of material to play with.  When I first started really getting into digital photography, it was because I felt a desire to do close-ups of plant life. My first major lens purchase was an 85mm macro and my fondness for photographing flowers spilled over into insects and then nature photography. 

The Very Hungry CaterpillarCute but naughty. This tiny little thing is king destroyer of my plants, leaving nothing but the veins on the leaves.

Eventually people caught the attention of my lens as well and as photography became my occupation, nature photography became more of a hobby. But with life absolutely teeming all around my home and my gardens having my attention every morning, it has been easy to pull out my trusty 85mm and tend to all the little beauties in my backyard. I water my plants, ask them how they're feeling. I find out if they're happy with their place in life or if their next door neighbor is being a total bitch and hogging all the sunlight. In return they give a happy artist something beautiful to be enthralled about.

Green Bottle FlyThey come for my compost bins! While absolutely beautifully colored, they are attracted to decay of any kind. I can't say I'm crazy about these little pigs hanging out on my strawberry plants.

So there it is. I've become a crazy plant lady. I'm absolutely cool with that.

"Joey"One of my very favorites. Native to Australia, Joey plants adore the hot dry heat of Southern California too.

And so is my camera.




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Hey Spring... I love you. I have been more in love with this spring than any other spring as far back as I can remember since… forever. California has taken every drop of this winter’s beautiful gift of rain and has been straight up boasting about all the beauty it can create! Having moved here at the start of the drought, I’ve never seen LA in all of it’s lush glory before and the flowers and sunsets and beautiful humans have kept me rich in inspiration. 

Notch-Leaved PhaceliaFrom the Anza Borrego Superbloom

Notch-Leaved Phacelia from the Anza Borrego Superbloom


My clients (who have always been freaking awesome) have somehow gotten even cooler. I just keep hitting the jackpot with phenomenal humans wanting to collaborate. This year I'll be shooting a vintage Star Wars wedding, an amazing magic themed wedding at the Houdini House and later in the summer I'll be swinging up to Seattle to shoot a Big Easy themed wedding. Not to mention the many collaborations I've been doing with my beloved fellow creatives! Bringing in such unique and interesting clients really makes me feel like I'm living the dream!


As if all the amazing gifts of nature’s beauty and great fortune in my career weren’t enough… I’ve had a ton of fresh new joy in my personal life as well. My boyfriend and I moved in together at the end of last year and as it turns out, we really, really like each other!  Creating our home together has been SO. DAMN. FUN. And save for the part where he took a belt sander to his house to fit my dream refrigerator inside, I would be inclined to say that he is having just as much fun as I am! He has been a rockstar partner and unwavering in his support. Coming home to my bestfriend each night has made everything seem… easier.  Energized by all the newness around me, I also joined a yoga studio in my neighborhood and it has felt soooo amazing getting back into my practice. Living close to Griffith Park has presented me with a fresh batch of hiking trails to explore with my dogs and bouncing around with those goofballs always floods my heart with happiness. I feel charged, as if I’m extra-alive somehow.


With so many positive and joyous new experiences, the time just felt right to give a little extra love and attention to my brand. I have been itching to revamp my logo for awhile and sometimes you get an itch just won’t quit! The skeleton key is very symbolic to me and I knew I still wanted a key to be an important part of it. But I also wanted my logo to evolve a bit to better represent my adventurous spirit... 

My muse...


Skeleton keys are such beautiful little works of art and they are designed to unlock any door. I absolutely love the idea of a tiny piece of brass in charge of opening room upon room of possibility. I like to think of my photography in that way, that it can unlock anyone’s inner beauty and present a whole world of emotion to the viewer. 

(Fun Fact: I’ve collected keys since I was a child.  Here I am on my 9th birthday, slinging that bling around my neck like a bonafide key master).

p.s. I seriously wish I still had that romper. Not those bangs tho.


So while I have the vision and a photographers eye, I definitely don't have the drawing hand of a designer! It was time to turn to a fellow professional! I teamed up with the phenomenal Jackie of Precious Beast. Seriously, go check out her site- see her work and be AMAZED by it. She really took her time, asking me questions about things I liked and pressing me for more information as to why I liked them. It was a really incredible process and I could not be more pleased with the final results. I find my logo to be the perfect blend of my love for all things dramatic and vintage with just the perfect touch of minimalism that I’m always striving to achieve! And because Jackie is extra amazing, she even made some additional gorgeous art and personalized my keys a little bit more... I truly can't say enough good things about her work!


Website art courtesy of Precious Beast


So there you have it... all of the reasons why I feel so in love with this season. There is something so satisfying and beautiful about living the life you want and really making it your own. I cannot wait for the coming months and I want to work with even more of you gorgeous humans. Yes, YOU. And YOU! Reach out anytime, I'm always in the mood to make some art.






Check out that pretty new logo/watermark... Thank you, Jackie!!!







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