Europe 2018

Venice and Paris




Our first meal in Venice. The wine was delicious and the food was awful. This seemed to be the theme of the city.

Lovers in Venice.

I was a little obsessed with Venetian Laundry. 

A gondola ride thru the canals.


Streets of Venice and the pigeons of St Mark's Square

Long exposure of St. Mark's Square

We escaped to the island of Burano for a day. Every house is painted a different color and like Venice, Burano is a canal city without any cars. Burano is renowned for its fine lace-making and white wine. The neighboring island of Murano is where famous Venetian glass is blown and crafted. Glass was made in Venice until the year 1291, when fears of fire spreading through the mostly wooden structures of Venice made officials relocate the island's glass blowers.

Vineyard of Burano

From the waterbus back to Venice 

Last sunset in Venice.



The view from our apartment was absolutely perfect.

Montmarte at night.

We are off to Bruges next! Click here to join us!