Lucera and Roman

On July 21st, 2018 Lucera and Roman gathered just about everybody they know at The York Manor to celebrate one of the happiest unions I've ever had the pleasure of witnessing. To say that these two are in love is an understatement. Their passion and commitment to one another is palpable and the way they connect and make each other laugh seems effortless. Lucera is an artist and she put not only her talent but her whole heart into the planning and design of this wedding. Bright, beautiful colors were absolutely everywhere and when you throw in Roman's amazing dance moves... We had a full-blown fiesta on our hands!


Getting Ready

Lucera gathered the women of her life close to her as she got ready for her wedding. Both burritos and love were exchanged freely among the multiple generations that were there to support her. Lucera's 3 sisters served as co-Maids of Honor and I don't think I've ever seen a more gorgeous or talented group of sisters! Lucera wore earrings given to her by her mother-in-law and she lovingly showed me some special tokens that reminded her of her relationship with Roman.

Meanwhile, Roman was getting ready at another house with his boys. Roman has an incredibly tight-knit group of friends and they were all eager to support him as he got ready.

The First Look

I just adore these bridesmaid rompers!

The fun-loving lovers.

The Ceremony

Roman carried a beautiful bouquet of his late-mother's favorite flowers to honor her presence as he walked down the aisle with his sister. It was such a lovely gesture.

Lucera and Roman exchanged handwritten, heartfelt and often hilarious vows. Lucera's contained one of the most beautiful sentiments I'd ever heard.... She spoke of how she loved herself first and how that self-love and acceptance is what made her heart ready for and open to the love that she and Roman would share. It resonated with my second-shooter and I so deeply and our feminist hearts skipped a beat!

A close friend of theirs performed the ceremony and did a beautiful job, you could tell how happy it made them to have his support.

The Reception

Its time to party!!!

I just love a couple that can dance their way into a grand entrance!!


After Roman "retrieved" the garter, he put on a fantastic choreographed dance for his bride!!!

His boys were his backup, of course!

These two deserve all the love and happiness the world has to offer!

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