Perry and Mark


This past October I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of a truly wonderful couple. I actually met Perry a couple of years ago while we were journeying though the The Artist's Way together. She had just met Mark and was marveling in the newness of their blossoming romance. These two actors met in a production where they played each other's spouses (talk about some foreshadowing!).  Two years later and that romance has deepened into a profound and beautiful love worthy of a marriage. Having seen the early spark that this relationship ignited in Perry, photographing this union feels so incredibly full-circle for me.


We began the day at Mark and Perry's apartment, where Perry and her Bride Tribe were getting ready. One of the first things I noticed about their gorgeous home was the number of tokens and tributes to their relationship. Reminders of their commitment to each other and evidence of the loving work and effort they put into their life together. These two are ready for marriage. 


Perry had gathered a beautiful tribe to stand by her side, all from significant stages of her life. Her sisters, a childhood friend, a college bestie and a soul-sister from adulthood. 


As her tribe bustled around the room, chatting and laughing together, Perry sat in the makeup chair. Her eyes were closed and I noticed her lip start to tremble. As she listened to the voices of her loved ones, she brought her hands up to heart and emotion swept over her.

"Its just so amazing hearing everyone" she whispered.



Makeup by Joel Scher and Hair by Kelly Demoz.

Every perfect little detail....

For their first look, we went to the Atwater Village Love Lock Bridge. We knew we were going to want to grab some shots by the water and this romantic spot felt like the perfect location for these two lovers to see one another for the first time on their wedding day.


It was a gorgeous moment, watching her cross that bridge.


How amazing are these two?

Mark and Perry have such an incredible community surrounding them, a community that they involved in every aspect of their ceremony at Elysian. This couple is truly supported by the people in their life.

Day of coordination provided by Reychel of Your Day by J and K

They do.

They did.


Congratulations Perry and Mark. I wish you all the love and happiness this world has to offer. 


P.S. Im so glad you found each other                                

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