Europe 2018

Rome and Florence

In the spring of 2018 we spent two and a half weeks traveling through Europe. Originally dubbed a "vacation", we quickly realized this was nothing short of a grand adventure and that absolutely zero parts of it were relaxing. This adventure was truly incredible and we are deeply grateful for the time spent and memories we got to make together. Here is a collection of our favorite photos for you to enjoy and if you stand outside in the pouring rain while looking at them, it will *almost* feel like you were on our adventure with us!


Bon Voyage!



The Tiber River

The Coliseum and Forum

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A late night walk thru the streets of Rome. Jet lag made sleep almost impossible so we did an enormous amount of wandering our first few nights.

Trevi Fountain 


The Pantheon

The ceiling of the Pantheon and Tomb of Umberto I, King of Italy who was nicknamed "The Good". He was assassinated by an anarchist, Gaetano Bresci on July 29, 1900. He was the last to be buried in the Pantheon. 

A siren singing her song outside of the Pantheon

The many cats of Rome. These two live in a colony of about 250 cats at the Theatre of Pompeii, the site of Julius Caesar's assassination. 

Bruno, who long before Galileo was even born, first suggested that the earth revolved around the sun (see the first episode of Cosmos and THANK YOU, Neil deGrasse Tyson). He was burned alive for his controversial theory as it was considered blasphemous.

Piazza Navona

An oval shaped plaza, Piazza Navona was once a track for chariot races.

San Luigi dei Francesi (The Church of St. Louis of the French- a Roman Catholic Church)

The Spanish Steps

The Capitoline Museum

The Vatican

The Borghese Gallery



The Duomo

Outside the Uffizi Gallery

Along the Arno River

View from the top of Florence!

The view of the Duomo from our beautiful apartment and the gorgeous decor of two local restaurants.


David at the Galleria dell' Accademia

Primavera by Sandro Botticelli and art students at the Uffizi

Boy on a carousel and street art


We are off to Venice next! Click here to join us!