Hey Spring... I love you.

April 11, 2017  •  1 Comment

I have been more in love with this spring than any other spring as far back as I can remember since… forever. California has taken every drop of this winter’s beautiful gift of rain and has been straight up boasting about all the beauty it can create! Having moved here at the start of the drought, I’ve never seen LA in all of it’s lush glory before and the flowers and sunsets and beautiful humans have kept me rich in inspiration. 

Notch-Leaved PhaceliaFrom the Anza Borrego Superbloom

Notch-Leaved Phacelia from the Anza Borrego Superbloom


My clients (who have always been freaking awesome) have somehow gotten even cooler. I just keep hitting the jackpot with phenomenal humans wanting to collaborate. This year I'll be shooting a vintage Star Wars wedding, an amazing magic themed wedding at the Houdini House and later in the summer I'll be swinging up to Seattle to shoot a Big Easy themed wedding. Not to mention the many collaborations I've been doing with my beloved fellow creatives! Bringing in such unique and interesting clients really makes me feel like I'm living the dream!


As if all the amazing gifts of nature’s beauty and great fortune in my career weren’t enough… I’ve had a ton of fresh new joy in my personal life as well. My boyfriend and I moved in together at the end of last year and as it turns out, we really, really like each other!  Creating our home together has been SO. DAMN. FUN. And save for the part where he took a belt sander to his house to fit my dream refrigerator inside, I would be inclined to say that he is having just as much fun as I am! He has been a rockstar partner and unwavering in his support. Coming home to my bestfriend each night has made everything seem… easier.  Energized by all the newness around me, I also joined a yoga studio in my neighborhood and it has felt soooo amazing getting back into my practice. Living close to Griffith Park has presented me with a fresh batch of hiking trails to explore with my dogs and bouncing around with those goofballs always floods my heart with happiness. I feel charged, as if I’m extra-alive somehow.


With so many positive and joyous new experiences, the time just felt right to give a little extra love and attention to my brand. I have been itching to revamp my logo for awhile and sometimes you get an itch just won’t quit! The skeleton key is very symbolic to me and I knew I still wanted a key to be an important part of it. But I also wanted my logo to evolve a bit to better represent my adventurous spirit... 

My muse...


Skeleton keys are such beautiful little works of art and they are designed to unlock any door. I absolutely love the idea of a tiny piece of brass in charge of opening room upon room of possibility. I like to think of my photography in that way, that it can unlock anyone’s inner beauty and present a whole world of emotion to the viewer. 

(Fun Fact: I’ve collected keys since I was a child.  Here I am on my 9th birthday, slinging that bling around my neck like a bonafide key master).

p.s. I seriously wish I still had that romper. Not those bangs tho.


So while I have the vision and a photographers eye, I definitely don't have the drawing hand of a designer! It was time to turn to a fellow professional! I teamed up with the phenomenal Jackie of Precious Beast. Seriously, go check out her site- see her work and be AMAZED by it. She really took her time, asking me questions about things I liked and pressing me for more information as to why I liked them. It was a really incredible process and I could not be more pleased with the final results. I find my logo to be the perfect blend of my love for all things dramatic and vintage with just the perfect touch of minimalism that I’m always striving to achieve! And because Jackie is extra amazing, she even made some additional gorgeous art and personalized my keys a little bit more... I truly can't say enough good things about her work!


Website art courtesy of Precious Beast


So there you have it... all of the reasons why I feel so in love with this season. There is something so satisfying and beautiful about living the life you want and really making it your own. I cannot wait for the coming months and I want to work with even more of you gorgeous humans. Yes, YOU. And YOU! Reach out anytime, I'm always in the mood to make some art.






Check out that pretty new logo/watermark... Thank you, Jackie!!!








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