Best Moments of 2019!

December 31, 2019  •  1 Comment

Now that we're just one day away from the new Roaring 20's, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at my favorite moments of the last year. With just over 70 photoshoots and weddings, 2019 was the busiest year yet for Jenn Spain Photography! I can't thank all my incredible clients and followers enough. Making art for a living is one of my greatest joys in this life and I love sharing it with all of you. 

Now, come take a peek at some of my favorite captures of 2019!!!


Best Kiss

Before they got married I told Caleb I wanted to get a shot of them kissing in the aisle and when I gave my cue he swept up his new bride so perfectly. The slight dip, her hand behind his neck and the gorgeous colors of their florals... muah!


Best Expression

This cutie was so amped up during her at-home family session that she couldn't stop jumping and spinning. In an attempt to get her to look at the camera I asked her if she should see the butterfly in my lens. "Wait, I need to get my magmafime glass" she told me. She REALLY wanted to see that butterfly! Her squished nose, slight fog on the glass and those magnified baby blues just tickle me.


Best Newborn

I mean.... COME ON. Puppy breath, chubby belly and endless amounts of wrinkles? Stella was pure gold.


Best Artistic Leap

Every once and awhile I shoot an image that becomes an iconic one for me. This is the moment I realized that my boudoir studio had something incredibly special to offer to women. 


Best Skies

Getting out of LA and finding myself under Albuquerque's incredible sky scape absolutely nourished my artistic soul this past summer. Add in my drop-dead gorgeous bestie and you've got this piece of magic.


Best WTF

This was probably the happiest I've ever been on a photoshoot. I learned so much about the care and life of honeybees and I got to capture this amazing moment that a couple of bees just chilled on the finger of their beloved beekeeper.


Best Candid

My friend's grandmother taking her very first jello shot. Need I say more?


Best Poop

This tiny cutie abruptly ended her 3 month shoot by pooping directly into her fathers pocket! Keys and wallet be damned- when ya gotta go, ya gotta go! Thanks for the laugh, Nora!


Best Laughter Thru Tears

I admit I often get a little teary while I'm shooting weddings but this moment took the cake! Kris' vows took several starts as he kept finding himself overcome with tears and then doubling over in laughter at himself. His emotions were palpable and every guest (including myself) was crying and laughing as we shared in his struggle. With the encouragement of his amazing wife and officiant he made his way thru some of the most heartfelt vows I have ever heard. It was truly beautiful to witness.


Best Theme

We pulled out allllll the vintage styling for this Intimate Empowerment session and I am OBSESSED with the way it came out. Fully clothed with a sexy twist just might be my new favorite thing.


Best Mother/Daughter Moment

The look on sweet Kim's face as she barely keeps it together while her daughter's help their youngest sister get ready for her wedding just melts me. I shot 2 out of 3 of her daughter's weddings and this stunning family is such a joy to shoot!


Best Selfie

The photo that catapulted my little family into International Fame. We were picked up in dozens of publications around the world and we even made the front page of Reddit. I am enormously proud of our little zucchini baby. It was freaking delicious. 


Honestly, narrowing down these moments was incredibly hard work. Even as I type this I'm remembering 20 other photos that are also AMAZING. But that's always how it is, huh?


Happy New Year, babes. I love you all so damn much.




Betsy diFrancesca(non-registered)
I worked a lot in 2019 with you, Jenn and I loved every minute of it! You make everyone feel so comfortable and it's always such a joy to be a part of your magic. Thank you so much and I so look forward to 2020!
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