I Left My Heart in Dolores Park

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It is no secret that I deeply love music festivals. Live music feeds my soul and there is no better way to shake loose your troubles than by dancing your ass off for an entire weekend. Festivals are one of my very favorite past-times and some of the best memories I have took place at them.  In fact, my sweet husband made my love for them even stronger by dropping down on one knee and proposing at a festival!
























One thing that has remained the same in all my years as a festival goer is that it is the people I share it with that make these experiences so damn wonderful. Friendship was the only reason I needed to fly up to San Francisco this weekend but a bad case of cabin fever and a cheap round trip ticket sealed the deal. I flew straight into the arms of my Mary, who had the most delicious weekend planned for us! By some miracle, the sun didn't stop shining all weekend. The weather was warm and gorgeous and the whole city emerged to bask in the glow.

We spent all of Saturday camped out in Dolores Park listening to music, buying coconuts filled with rum and eating so much cheese. It was decadent, delicious and exactly what I needed.

Sunday morning I woke before sunrise and took myself on a solo adventure through Nob Hill. I love the feeling of big city before dawn... the quietness is amazing and it gives me the illusion of having the whole place to myself. Just the way my camera and I like it.

I stopped into the Gallery Cafe for a coffee and found a jar full of origami animals free for the taking. The butterfly made me smile and I happily slipped it into my pocket before heading on to my next adventure.

BRUNCH. My favorite sport. We feasted and had a few mimosas in the morning sun. I love a lazy breakfast filled with conversation and an opportunity for a portrait. Once we were thoroughly fueled we set out for a 10 mile hike through the trails along the coast.

Look at my beautiful friends on Mile Two. So young, so full of hope.

I'm never gonna pass up the chance to take a snap of a beautiful blossom. I always stop to smell the roses. I'll also totally stop and ask my friend to pose like an Instagram model. He obliged.

They all did.

The trails eventually lead us to this giant beast. It is even more impressive than I thought it would be... each cable is thicker than a tunnel slide and I was in absolute awe of how majestic is is.

We came across this gentleman, who was truly living his best life while enjoying the view.

Our 10 mile journey came to an end at The Palace of Fine Arts. I mean.... just LOOK at this gorgeousness. I'm completely in love.

I saw these two gorgeous strangers climb up one of the structures and I couldn't help but grab a shot of them.

Mile 10 did us in... remember that photo from earlier and all the joy and hope it possessed? Times have changed.

It was time to celebrate the end of our journey with a well-deserved round (or two..or three) of delicious Irish Coffee. After all, it was St Paddy's Day!

After warming our bones and then giving way to utter exhaustion, we parted ways. Mary and I went back to her house to pig-out on Indian food and ugly cry our way thru a few episodes of Queer Eye. I have no pictures of this... if you want to experience the joy of it yourself, shove a bunch of naan in your mouth and turn on Netflix. It'll be just like you were actually there!


Thank you, friends. Thank you, San Francisco. I love you.


Until next time....








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