That First Year...

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Today marks one year since my husband and I walked each other down the aisle and exchanged our vows. We had been told over and over that the first year was going to be SO HARD but honestly, it's been the opposite for us. We certainly have had some stressful moments; many (too many) car repairs, personal goals not happening as quickly as we hoped and a couple of months where I had to tend to a brief bout of depression. But comparatively, those stressful moments were the absolute minority in an otherwise amazing first year. The warnings that this year would suck just didn't apply to us. I would say a good 95% of our first year has been spent laughing our asses off and making out. I wouldn't have it any other way.

My best friend Kate introduced us. She told me months before Josh had asked for my number that she thought he was the right guy for me. She was right and she is VERY proud of her rock-solid intuition on this one. I knew there was something special about him on our first date. We spent hours at the restaurant talking and I loved how quick witted and intelligent he was. Kate said she thought we would have great chemistry and would enjoy debating politics together. Check and check! When we said our goodbyes I was hoping for a kiss but the valet was... intrusive and... hovering. Josh pulled me in for a soft kiss on the cheek instead. My heart still flip flopped.


Two days later on a rainy Saturday we had our second date. We decided to introduce our dogs because let's face it, if the dogs didn't get along there was no point in taking things any further! They sniffed butts for 2 seconds and then galloped off together. Our date lasted the whole day. After discovering that we both had the same favorite pizza (pineapple and you can go ahead and shut up if you hate it)  we ordered one and killed two bottles of wine while sitting under a giant umbrella on the back porch. The dogs happily wrestled in the mud while we made out (I already warned you that we do this a lot).


Six months later I confessed my love to Josh for the first time while coming out of anesthesia after having my wisdom teeth removed. He filmed the whole hilariously embarrassing spectacle and STILL wanted to be my boyfriend after. He's so nice to me all the time.

Just shy of our 3rd anniversary of that first date, Josh proposed at a music festival. I knew a proposal was coming but I was caught COMPLETELY off guard. I never expected him to do it in such a public location.I laughed hysterically for a full minute, doubling over with giggles while Josh still on one knee stared with nervous expectation at me. I finally managed to squawk out a "Yes!" and the small crowd that had gathered around us cheered. We hugged and kissed and laughed together for a few minutes before we raced off to see Alanis Morissette. But first- I had to pee! I found an empty port-a-potty and sat down and promptly burst into tears. I was overcome with emotion and the disbelief of what just happened. I sobbed for a minute and then pulled myself together and opened the door. Half a dozen women were standing there, looking at me with great concern. "Are you ok, sweetie?" one of them asked. I smiled and thrust my hand out at them. "I just got ENGAGED!!!" We all shrieked and laughed together and I skipped off to join my fiancé. 


We spent just 7 weeks being engaged before we jumped the broom. There were many, many reasons why we decided to elope instead of having a traditional wedding but the most important one ended up being the one we realized after. By eloping, we were able to spend our entire wedding day focused exclusively on each other. There was no drama, no interruptions, no stupid seating charts. Just our love. It was perfect.


My favorite walk I have ever been on was the one we took together down the aisle. I loved entering our wedding space together, as a team. It was the perfect metaphor for how I want us to face anything that comes our way.


After we exchanged our vows we held each other close and shared a first dance. It didn't matter to us that we didn't have a reception hall full of eyes on us... we wanted to seal our marriage with that moment. It's one of my favorite memories of all time.


Josh has taught me how to slow down, take my time and be intentional. I have taught him how to find the joy in going off the beaten path and to not panic when he sees a bee. We've taught each other how to listen to the other and how to move through the world while taking another human into constant consideration. This partnership is a privilege and we don't take it for granted. 

Traditionally, the first anniversary gift is supposed to be paper. Tonight we are throwing it back to one of our first dates and ordering in some pineapple pizza to eat on paper plates. To us, cheap pizza and good champagne is the perfect way to celebrate one year of being husband and wife. 


There is so much magic in store for our future and I'm so grateful that whatever comes our way, we get to experience it together. Happy Anniversary, Husband. 


I love you and I like you.


Wedding photography and video by Love and Lemons Photography



Kathryn Lane(non-registered)
This was so beautifully written and such a beautiful story. Josh was the reason I met my husband. I hope to meet you someday soon. Congratulations on your beautiful love story it made me tear up to read it.
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