Caleb and Cassandra's Winter Mountain Wedding

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This past weekend I took the beautiful and winding mountain roads up to Twin Peaks to document the marriage of Caleb and Cassandra. The crisp air and the golden sun filtering through the trees provided the perfect setting for this outdoorsy pair. They rented the most charming lodge at the rustic PineRose Cabins for their reception and held their gorgeous ceremony on the property of long-time family friends. Caleb and Cassandra each have a balancing presence in the other's life. Cassandra is quick-witted, vivacious and eager to share a laugh while Caleb is more reserved and takes pride in his role as her protector.

And they love each other like crazy.

Caleb got ready in the company of his brother and his groomsmen, all close friends from various stages of his life. Love has a way of softening even the most stoic of men, and the emotion and importance of the day was not lost on Caleb.

Stunning Cassandra got ready with her two beautiful sisters, her closest girlfriends, and her lovely mother, Kim. 

Cassandra's dress was absolutely breathtaking and the yin and yang of their personalities was reflected perfectly in their rings.

Cassandra was overcome with happy tears when she slipped into her dress. She started to compose herself when she looked at her mom only to see that she was also weeping and smiling. They pulled themselves together only to be overcome in another fit of laughter and rolling tears, "Mom, you have to stop!!!!" Cassandra exclaimed. 


More happy tears during her first look with her sweet daddy, Jim.

 Elizabeth Papadopoulos is a close family friend and an incredibly talented florist. She transformed the ceremony space with a bounty of gorgeous flowers.


Caleb and Cassandra both knew after their first date that they were meant to be. Bound together deeply by their shared faith, Cassandra and Caleb beautifully wove elements of their spirituality into their nuptials. They began their ceremony with a joyful prayer led by their officiant (and Caleb's brother), Jonathan. 

They also took communion during their ceremony. They intended to use bread from a cherished family recipe but the altitude had other plans during the baking process! They improvised and used a cinnamon roll instead, which is now officially the BEST way to take communion.

The way the light shone on them during communion made it look like they were wrapped in the heavens.

First makeout of the marriage!

The entire wedding party looked absolutely incredible together. With their faux fur stoles, Cassandra's bridesmaids were channeling some serious Game of Thrones vibes.

We didn't get the snowfall we were all hoping for but Caleb managed to find a patch of snow for a few portraits!

Pine Rose's property is so beautiful and expansive. Caleb and Cassandra truly picked a magical spot to exchange their vows. I'm so grateful I got to be there to witness such a deep and beautiful love story.

Happy Marriage to these two. 

May your lives be filled with passion, love and laughter.






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