New Adventures (and less clothing)

January 22, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

This week has been incredibly exciting for me! I had an amazing opening reception for my Artist-in-Residence at CRUX (huge thanks to everyone who came and purchased- the whole evening kicked some serious ass). Even more exciting than that, this weekend I officially launched a new extension to my business!


Intimate Empowerment Portraits by Jenn Spain Photography

Sensual, compelling portraiture for soulful women.

That's right, ya girl has launched a boudoir business! This is something that has been in the works for a long time and has FINALLY come to fruition. For as long as I have been a wedding photographer, my brides have been asking me to shoot their boudoir photos. And I always jumped at the chance, but not having a studio made it... complicated. My clients would either have to rent a hotel or Airbnb themselves or wait until I lined up enough clients to make renting a studio for the day worth it.  So maybe it wasn't so much "complicated" as it was a "giant pain the ass", but you get the idea! Long ago I had taken over the spare bedroom in our house to use as a studio, but I was mostly shooting headshots in there.... it was really barebones and not much to look at. But with the blessing of my dreamboat husband, I put a few coats of this gorgeous, lush green paint on the walls and bought some new furniture to transform a boring room into the perfect space to create these Intimate Empowerment Portraits.


So why am I calling it "Intimate Empowerment Portraits"??? 

Because what I'm offering is intimate. Treating yourself to a boudoir session is one of the most incredible acts of self-love that you can give! You are making the decision to show up for yourself and to love and celebrate your body in it's truest form. Choosing to show your vulnerability and sensuality in front of the camera can be an incredibly EMPOWERING act! Finding beauty in yourself is both freeing and cathartic all at once and your body is SO FREAKING WORTHY of celebrating! Got an ass that has helped you climb mountains while you brainstorm how to smash that glass ceiling at work? CELEBRATE IT! Got boobs that have nursed three babies??? CELEBRATE THEM

So, what does the session entail??

Glad you asked because you're in for a real treat! My sessions last approximately two hours- 1 hour in the makeup chair and 1 hour behind the camera. Hair and Makeup is included in the cost of the session. You are also treated to a complimentary champagne split and you have access to my collection of bralettes, kimonos, sheer dresses and lingerie. Also included in your session is 10 5x7 prints and a "little black book" (a beautiful 7x7 hardcover book of your images designed by yours truly).

Do you have to get naked?

No. For that matter you don't have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable. The only consent you have to give is to yourself! I will be there to help guide and direct you and to remind you how gorgeous you are.

Does this mean I'm not shooting weddings anymore??

Hell, no! Just try and stop me! I LOVE weddings and will shoot them til I'm dead. This is just a chance for me to jump into a medium I've always loved and longed to do. Weddings and creative portraits will still very much be a part of Jenn Spain Photography.


Do you offer boudoir for men?



OK, cool! As soon as I lose a little weight I'll give you a call!

HOLD UP!! What?!?! Girl... NO. You are already the perfect weight and size to have intimate pictures taken of yourself. We are not here to celebrate some idealized version of yourself! We are here to celebrate you exactly as you are, right freaking now. Curves, lumps, bumps and scars are all markers of the full and beautiful lives we've lived. Come as you are. You'll feel empowered as hell by the time you leave.



So, babes. Are you as excited as I am??? I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to seeing all of the incredible women who will be coming through my studio fall in love with themselves. Ready to do the same? Hit me up! 






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