Please Welcome to the World Our New Baby (That We Are Going to Eat).

September 06, 2019  •  3 Comments

Last week when I went out of town I asked my husband to harvest a zucchini from our garden. He did but not the one I meant and then an absolute monster grew. Yes, we are going to eat it but it's also our baby now, so of course we did a photoshoot to celebrate becoming a family.



We know it's unconventional BUT WE ARE COMMITTED, WE ARE A FAMILY NOW.

We've understandably have had lots of questions so I'm just going to answer a few of the FAQ's so we don't have to keep repeating ourselves!


Where are you registered?



Will you be having anymore?

We will definitely be having more children because we can't stop eating them.


Why do a photoshoot?

I love my family and want the world to know it.


Who does your baby look like?

Both of us. It has my eyes and it's father's hairline.


Are... you sure it's yours?

Fine, we used a seed bank. But we love it just the same.



Last night I baked 1/4 of our baby into Blueberry Zucchini Bread and it was freaking delicious. We have plenty to go around but just in case you are too far away to properly enjoy, here is the recipe. Just use any old mutant zucchini (or regular zucchini) that you have laying around.



I know, I know... this all seems a little crazy, but I'm a big believer in not taking life too seriously. And if you're going to take something seriously (like zucchini parenthood) you might as well give it 110% and have fun while you're at it!!! Look, if I am this committed to making a shoot with a vegetable happen just imagine how rad and committed I'm going to be to making your wedding look amazing!!! If I treat a zucchini like a prince just imagine how determined I am to lift you up and make you feel like a goddess when you walk into my boudoir studio. Trust me, my commitment to my zucchini baby is a good thing.


My husband is a natural and I'm so glad I married him.


My advice to you is this: When you're trying to find a photographer to document an important life event (or take hot photos of your cute ass) ask them HOW COMMITTED WOULD THEY BE TO TAKING NEWBORN PICTURES OF AN OVERSIZED VEGETABLES. 

Then call me. The zucchini mom.






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