Ashley and Jon's Stunning Backyard Wedding

March 07, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

When backyard weddings come to mind, people often think of low-key affairs and humble barbecues. Well, Ashley and Jon may have low-key attitudes and humble hearts but they also have absolutely AMAZING taste. These two put together one of the most gorgeous backyard weddings I've ever seen. With the help of their incredible friends and family, they executed a vision that I would expect from a high-end venue and experienced planner. Everything was so beautifully styled but the intimacy of their dear friend's home allowed them to focus on what was really important to them... each other and the people they love.

Ashley and Jon met where everyone meets these days... in a cozy, romantic corner of the internet. Jon is a musician and he artfully created the perfect playlist of music to guide the guests thru the emotions and moments of the day. Ashley is a talented actress who envisioned and created the stunning design of the wedding.

Ashley and Jon are far from traditional, so I made sure to have a little fun when shooting their rings.

Their ceremony was simple, loving and fully supported by their chosen family of friends. Their officiants, Melissa and Aaron, were the also the hosts of the wedding and married to each other. Ashley's bridesmaids were the most special women from different, important chapters of her life. Jon's groomsman are an extremely tight knit group of friends. So close that when I was gathering Jon and Ashley's families for formal portraits, the groomsmen inserted themselves into the large group family photo. I looked at my list of names and asked them if they were all in Jon's family. "Yes, we're family" they answered with complete sincerity. Moments later they looked around and realized why I was confused. "Ohhhhh, you meant like, 'blood related'. No, that's not us."

It was beyond charming.

"Meow meow meow, meow meow meow. MEOW."

Jon and Ashley knew what that meant. It's why they're perfect for each other.

Yasssss girl, that's your mans. Put a ring on it!

They do!

I couldn't get over Ashley's glamorous Old-Hollywood look. Once again, her talented and loving friend, Melissa, stepped in to assist. She executed Ashley's flawless look. 

Once the reception was underway the ceremony site transformed into its true and rightful purpose: CAKE STATION.

Like, the PERFECT cake station.

Congratulations, Ashley and Jon. I'm so grateful that you trusted me and my team to capture this gorgeous day that you created to celebrate your love. I wish you a lifetime of meows and happiness.



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