FaceTime Sessions: The ultimate long-distance photoshoot.

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What a WILD month we have had. It is now March 44th (I think... I'm really not sure) and Los Angeles' Stay At Home orders have been extended until mid-May at least. I have cycled thru all of the stages of grief MULTIPLE TIMES during this ordeal. There are days when I'm totally at peace and baking in the kitchen and everything feels....kinda nice.

And then.... well, you know.


As a small business owner, this is just about the worst case scenario. Overnight my income dried up. And I know I'm not alone. Everyone's lives have been turned upside-down. And when you're creative outlet and your source of income are one and the same? This shit is DEPRESSING.

But there were only so many days of sadness and boredom that I could handle. I moped and cried and let the existential dread wash over me and then... I got creative. I knew I didn't want all this time to pass without shooting or adding to my portfolio but I needed to find a way to do it without actually coming into contact with anyone. 

Thank god for technology!

FaceTime sessions have been the answer to all my prayers. I'm creating again, interacting with amazing people and bringing a welcome distraction to my client's lives during this difficult time. These sessions are incredibly freeing and perfectly imperfect. Unlike my typical sessions, the images I produce aren't high-res. They have a vintage, almost film-like appearance to them. My clients don't have fret about hair and makeup because those details aren't as apparent in the final images. They have texture, grit and fully embrace this abnormal world we're all just surviving in.

FaceTime Photo

FaceTime Photo FaceTime Photo

I know they've already been rolling around in your head so let's just get right into it, shall we?




How does this work, exactly?

I call you on FaceTime from my computer and you answer on your phone. First you'll give a little tour of your space so I can determine the best location for lighting and then we'll get down to business! I have my clients bring a clean coffee cup to serve as a tripod and I tell you where and how to set up the phone. Then I direct you on where to go and what to do. Using FaceTime's live capture I can actually take photos using your phone that are then saved to my computer. These sessions are short, they take only about 20 minutes.


I'm an Android user... can I still do this?

Yes! For Android users I use Zoom to do your session. However as we are using an application that isn't secure, you need to be comfortable with an outside 3rd party potentially having access to your photos.


FaceTime Photo FaceTime Photo

What kind of sessions are you offering over FaceTime!

All kinds! I think this method is particularly awesome for boudoir and portraits but it works amazing for family or engagement sessions too!


How much is a session?

$30 for 5 images.


WTF. Why so cheap?

These sessions are NOT meant to take the place of a regular "real" photography session. As I stated before, while these images are fun and beautiful, their low-resolution does not make them ideal for printing. They are meant to be viewed on a phone. If you were to decide to print them, I wouldn't print them much larger than wallet sized. Maybe a 2x3.


We're all in quarantine, dammit! Many of us have lost our jobs or have seen a drastic cut in hours and pay. Businesses have been shuttered and we're all trying to keep our heads above water. I priced these sessions based on the effort it takes me to create them and understanding that pretty much every human in our country is in need of something fun and affordable to distract them from *gestures wildly* all of this. One of my beautiful clients is in the third trimester of her pregnancy and had all but given up on the hope of having a maternity session done until she found out about my sessions. When the world goes back to normal, so will my sessions and my pricing. Until then, let's loosen up and have a little fun.

FaceTime Photo

FaceTime Photo

My iPhone is old and kinda sucks.... can I still do one of these sessions?

Absolutely! The older the iPhone, the more film-like and "grainy" your images will seem but personally, I like that.

FaceTime Photo FaceTime Photo












Oh yeah, I can also make some rad GIF's from these sessions!


Will these sessions be a permanent offering?

Nope. This is a temporary offering. As soon as the Stay At Home orders are lifted and we can resume normal business, these sessions will be going bye bye.


How do I book one?

Just get in touch. I have tons of availability and I'm pumped to do these. Plus, it's really nice to see a human face that isn't mine or my husbands. Though I do love his face.


So there you have it! FaceTime Sessions are the way to capture family memories and moments without having to leave the house! They're perfect!

Of course, if you have any follow up questions or want to book a session... you know how to find me.








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