Sunrise Elopement in Outer Space

August 27, 2020  •  2 Comments

Like pretty much everybody who planned to get married in 2020, Katie and Jeremy had their wedding plans foiled by the pandemic. While they're big wedding has been rescheduled for 2021, they didn't want to reschedule the important part... the marriage. So these two Space Nerds grabbed a few of their masked nearest and dearests and opted to elope at one of the most infamous sci-f shooting locations.

Vasquez Rocks.

Katie and Jeremy opted for a sunrise ceremony and I'm so glad they did. The ever changing, gorgeous sky and these ancient rock formations were the perfect backdrop for this galactic affair.

This ceremony had no exchange of rings as Katie and Jeremy had already been wearing theirs for awhile. Instead, they did a "flashing of the rings"!

After the brief, heartfelt ceremony... we were off for some fun! In the pandemic, wedding photos look a lot different than they used to. But even with masks on, photos can still be absolutely epic.

Can you spot the Jedis that made a guest appearance?

After we had gotten some gorgeous shots of them in their wedding jumpsuits, they changed into some costumes! We couldn't pass up the chance to recreate some famous Star Trek moments.

Thanks for taking me to outer space with you, Katie and Jeremy. May your love burn as bright as the stars.


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Melinda malone(non-registered)
Wow,how creative you guys were I just loved this, congratulations guys I hope I get an invite to the next wedding.
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