Unstoppable: Love in the Time of Covid

July 08, 2020  •  2 Comments

20-freaking-20.... I don't even need to sum it up. We've all felt and witnessed how incredibly challenging, painful and personal this year has been to us all. Everyday brings us new heartbreaking events and new waves of emotion as we all try to process what's been happening. Yet, nestled in all of this pain and discomfort, there are still moments of profound beauty and wonderful joy and I would love to shine a light on one of those moments. So many beautiful couples have had their wedding plans interrupted but one of my amazing couples realized that even though their plans for a huge spring wedding wasn't going to happen, a wedding was not the same thing as a marriage. And they could still ABSOLUTELY have that. Meghann and Mark selected their wedding date because it was their 5th anniversary. Their wedding was canceled but their marriage could still happen. Covid be damned!

No gatherings of larger than five people and they must maintain a distance of six feet. No problem. Come take a peek at how these beautiful humans worked with what they were given!

Meghann and Mark were fortunate enough to have some friends who own a parcel of land in Malibu with some sweeping views. Their friends cleared the brush away from the ceremony space the week before and then remained in the safety of the house from an observable distance. I came armed with my long distance lenses and a facemark. Their two witnesses kept a healthy distance and their officiant and family joined them from the safest possible way- via Zoom!

Was it what they planned on? Of course not! Was it still magical? HELL YES.

Meghann's waterworks started immediately. There is something so incredible and affirming about exchanging vows with the one you love the most. Her gratitude and reverence in the moment was so touching.

Excuse me, you two. That is not socially distanced!!!

Sweet Meghann literally danced for joy after they said I Do. I've never seen a happier bride.

After they were wed, we headed back to their apartment for a reception for two- plus all their friends and family joining in on Zoom!

Meghann and Mark's apartment complex is like something out of a sitcom. Everyone knows and loves each other and their darling neighbors came out to offer a cheers from a distance!

These two went ALL OUT on the decorations in their apartment. I was so damn impressed at how they put out for themselves. 

While they're loved ones tuned in on Zoom, the newlyweds cut the cake and popped off a couple of confetti cannon!


Ultimately, a wedding and a marriage are two very different things. The world threw every obstacle in the book at these two and they handled it in stride and with the most amazing sense of humor. And if they can find love and joy in the time of Covid, they can do anything together.



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