James and Megan

January 15, 2019  •  2 Comments

This past Friday I had the honor of shooting the beautiful wedding of James and Megan. This sweet and playful couple each come from large and devoted families and it was so incredible to witness the absolute love that blessed their union. The only thing that outshone their family's love was their love for each other. They each kept the other laughing and I absolutely adored capturing their joy! 

I mean, just look at the JOY on their beautiful faces! Of course, they both have killer smiles to boot.

I'm an absolute sucker for gorgeous details. They have such wonderfully unique wedding bands and I love that they match. Megan's shoes were stunning and I gushed over them no less than 300 times. The crystal embellishments were spot on and they were the perfect accessory for Megan's Old Hollywood look!

Megan was positively GLOWING and my lens couldn't get enough of her beautiful face!

Their ceremony was held at Megan's parish, St John Eudes, in Chatsworth. Megan and her father made one of the most beautiful entrances I've ever seen and it just about took my breath away. This image just melts my heart and the look of love in their eyes as they prepare to walk down the aisle is so beautiful. I hope they both treasure this image for many years to come.

Blessing from the priest.

One of the things that have always struck me about religious ceremonies is the beauty of it's rituals. I love to think about the many, many couples who have recited the same vows and had the same blessings bestowed upon them. I think there is something so moving about that and it was incredible to watch how connected Megan and James and their families are to their faith.


Following their ceremony, in an act of absolutely beautiful familial devotion... Megan, James and a few other family members stopped to see Megan's Abuela at her nursing home. While she was unable to make the ceremony, she was waiting expectantly in her wheelchair when we arrived. She marveled at Megan's beautiful dress (she used to be a seamstress), admired their rings and kissed their hands. It was such a lovely moment and I will forever be touched by their efforts to include a beloved member of their family. I could see how much it meant to sweet Abuela too.

After they said goodbye to Abuela, it was time to head over to Dream Palace Banquet Hall for the reception!

One of the great things about this venue is that they have incredible in-house lighting all through the hall. Every wedding photographer's dream is a beautifully illuminated dance floor!

If you thought James had a playful personality before the reception, wait til you see him in celebration mode! What can I say? The man knows how to eat cake!!

One of my favorite images to capture at weddings is a shot of all the guests with the couple! With such gorgeous lighting, how could I resist finding a moment to capture everyone celebrating this beautiful couple??? Spoiler alert: I couldn't.

Congratulation, Megan and James!!! I wish you all the love and happiness this world has to offer!


Violeta R MARTINEZ(non-registered)
Thanks Jen for everything you did on James n Megans wedding...Great pictures..Love love love...
Betsy diFrancesca(non-registered)
Beautiful, Jenn! I loved everything about this wedding ( especially your photos!).
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