Breanne and Kris

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This past Saturday I ventured out to Camarillo to photograph the wedding of the sweetest couple, Breanne and Kris. I met them both last year when Breanne was a bridesmaid in Cass and Caleb's wedding and I was SO happy when they asked me to document their own special day. 

Breanne and Kris are both fun loving, quick to laugh and deeply in love. They both really love exploring breweries and from the very first date it was clear that they had a fantastic connection. Breanne was so touched when Kris would scope out vegetarian friendly restaurants for date nights and Breanne's sparkling and sincere personality made him fall pretty hard. Beyond beers, they both also keep their friends and loved ones close. When Breanne introduced Kris to her Maid of Honor, Cass knew right away that this man would one day become her best friend's husband. Kris' friends were ecstatic that Kris found a woman as wonderfully genuine and kind as Breanne.

 Sometimes dating apps work and these two are so happy that they both swiped right! 

Their wedding was held at Wedgewood Sterling Hills. It's Spanish-style hall and rolling green was a beautiful backdrop for this sunflower-laden celebration!

Last year Breanne lost her beloved step-father and she carried a portrait of him in her sunflower bouquet. I noticed her reaching for it throughout the day when special moments happened. It touched my heart to know that she had a way to keep him in her presence on such a special occasion. 

While Kris and his Groom's Crew were all business up top, it was a total party downstairs.

Get your mind out of the gutter, I'm talking about SOCKS.


Their ceremony started at 6 o'clock and it was so soft and beautiful. I love nothing more than an evening ceremony, especially in the summer. The light was perfect and the joy was infectious!

Breanne was escorted down the aisle by her father and her brother Sean, who beautifully represented their late-father.

I adore how lovingly and confidently Kris looks at his bride. 

Humor was blended into the cheerful ceremony, they both made each other (and their guests) laugh. In between the crack-ups, they held a sand ceremony to represent their union. Kris became a little verklempt during his vows but pulled through with Breanne's gentle encouragement. It was such a beautiful metaphor for marriage... taking turns being strong and supporting the other when things are difficult. Kris' beautiful words had Breanne simultaneously weeping and smiling. Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion!

A spontaneous dip-kiss! I swooned for them both. Everyone deserves a kiss like that on their wedding day.

This is the last kissing picture, I swear!

I lied.

Following the ceremony we snuck away for some golden hour portraits and that gorgeous light is perfect for kissing!

The gazebo at the ceremony site was the perfect location for some dramatic night portraits.

During the reception Breanne and her brother shared an emotional dance in honor of their dad. It was so deeply moving and beautiful. In that moment, there was no such thing as dry eyes. We all felt the love they have for him.

After the dancing, and the reveling, and the shenanigans... Breanne and Kris exited their wedding in a parade of bubbles and loved ones. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day but it is just the start of their lives together. 

Congratulations, Breanne and Kris!


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